Current Non-Beauty Faves.


Oh how I’ve missing putting my thoughts and feelings in writing on my blog. Today I wanted to do something a little different. I’ll be sharing with you my non-beauty and beauty favourites over the past few months. Surprisingly I’ve had quite a few non beauty favourites and I absolutely love sharing these with you – it’s always good to mix things up, right?

First thing’s first, something deliciously different. I’m going to tell you my one of my all time favourite chocolates. This is a chocolate which I’ve loved for over 10 years and that is non other than Kinder Bueno *hearts in eyes emoji*. From time-to-time, I love treating myself to a chocolate br and this, I’ve got to say, is my go-to. I feel like this is what heaven would taste like! If you’ve tried a Bueno bar before, then you will totally know what I mean. There is the perfect mixture of chocolate, wafer and creamy goodness inside! You can’t go wrong either way with this.

Some other non-beauty favourites include my life saver, portable charger by Anker. For someone like me who is always on my phone, this is something that I always keep with me. Although we all know we shouldn’t be addicted to being on our phones, but I’m definitely guilty of this!

I’ve also popped a few fashion favourites into the mix as I’m totally in love. I am always reaching for these. Speaking of reaching for things, I was getting into the swing of colouring again while I was on holiday earlier in September. I went to Dubai and felt like colouring really helped me relax and forget about things and just zone out – it’s always good to have time to yourself like that, for sure.

To see my full non beauty favourites video, all you have to do is look below!

Bueno is such a deliciously different way to enjoy chocolate
that it makes other bars seem ordinary. 

All the delicate layers and textures of a Kinder Bueno
work in harmony together to create a taste experience
that is deliciously different from the norm and worth every bite.



Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Kinder Bueno via Mode Media.
The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kinder Bueno.