Cool Contours.

Best Contour Powder

Best Contour Powder

Best Contour Powder

I’m all about contouring. Even if it’s the slightest hint of a contour during the day. I suppose you could say we are best friends. I’ve been dabbling with contouring for many years now and trying to find that perfect product, colour and application method. Application wise, you can see this a number of times on my tutorials. When it comes to the best contour powder, I think I may have found the one. Or should I say 4.

If you’re wondering what contouring is, it is all about creating shadows on your face which makes your face appear more  defined and also at times ‘thinner’. Not only that but you are able to alter the shape of your face drastically with different application methods and heavy contours. But a light contour can help define your cheek bones and add shadows to your face to define your features. It’s a great technique to use in your everyday makeup routine to help give dimension to your face – rather than it looking all flat and one colour!

I’ve tried many, many contouring products but there are a handful of products which I keep coming back to. There seems to me a theme running through them – they are all cool toned. This means they are on the ‘grey’ side of brown, rather than red. This helps your face from looking ‘muddy’ and too bronzed up. Personally, I don’t understand why more brands aren’t creating more of these cool toned contour powders.

My 2 favourites are the ‘Crushed Walnut‘ eyeshadow by Natural Collection and ‘Delicious‘ eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution – you can read more about that particular shadow in my Sunday Beauty Steal post here. Crushed Walnut was my first cool toned contour love. At £1.99, it is the perfect blend of product and pigmentation when applied to the hollows of your cheeks. You’d be a fool not to pick it up when you’re next at Boots. ‘Delicious’ eyeshadow (which is only £1!) on the other hand is much more pigmented, in comparison – definitely not for the heavy handed. But beautiful as a contour when you become BFFs. I can’t stress enough how much I love these in my life.

For those who are scared of the idea of cool toned contours, I have 2 bronzers which have a hint of ‘coolness’ within them and must easier to apply as they aren’t heavily pigmented. ‘Bahama Mama’ from theBalm cosmetics and ‘Chocolate Soleil‘ by Too Faced are great options to start at. Simply apply these in the same way you would a contour, and bam. You’ll have beautifully contoured cheeks with such ease.

Next on my list is the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder – but I can’t justify the price tag of it when I love these already! Speaking of contouring, I am planning to do lots of contouring videos on my YouTube channel this year, so make sure you hit that ‘SUBSCRIBE‘ button to keep up to date with them 😉

Crushed Walnut by Natural Collection £1.99 available HERE
Delicious Eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution £1 available HERE
Bahama Mama by theBalm Cosmetics £15 available HERE
Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced £25 available HERE

What do you think of cool toned contours? Have you tried any before? If so, share them below!