Glitter makes everything better.



Since the end of last year, my glitter obsession has been getting out of control. I seem to feel this sudden urge to want to wear them with every eyeshadow look I create. Most times I have to force myself not to reach for it, as it’s not very appropriate for everyday wear(!). It wasn’t until these little tubes of glitter landed in my hands that I knew I had found something special. The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners make me feel like I live in a land full of sparkle, everywhere ♥

Now in my collection, I have all but the beautiful gold shade ‘Midnight Cowboy’. All such gorgeous shades of glitter, which almost an opaque finish within 2 to 3 coats! I used to tend to steer clear from glitter liners in the past as the ones I had used were quite sharp pigments – resulting in red eyes when I’m trying to take them off. But these bad boys are cut in such a way that they are so soft, comfortable and wearable on the skin – without irritating. Adding just a little bit of glitter makes everything so much better, don’t you think?

If you don’t mind glitter, or love it like me, I would highly recommend to add these to your wish list – they are really that beautiful but even more so in real life! You can see these in action in a tutorial of mine HERE.

The Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliners are £14 & available HERE.