Christmas Gift Guide #6





One of the best feelings during christmas gifting is getting your hands on a pair of amazing hair tools! What about a curling was that is long lasting, amazing value for money and why not a 5-in-1 or 3-in-1? NUME has today’s Christmas gift guide covered! I had heard a lot about these in the beauty world and it wasn’t until I got a hold of them that I realised what the fuss was all about!

These NUME curling wands are beyond perfection. They head up SUPER fast, hold curls like no other and have great price points! All you need to worry about, if you’re from the UK, is a world adapter (which you can totally pick up fairly cheaply from your local Maplin store or even Amazon). I haven’t quite tried anything like these before and reccomend them to everyone I come across. Not only that, but it’s gotta be done when strangers ask about your hair on the streets – now that’s saying something.

Do you need these in your life for Christmas? Heck yes! Do you totally need to treat yourself to a Christmas present this year? Double heck yes! I also have a coupon code which gets you lots of $$ off it’s retail price! All in all, these are the best hair tools my hair has experienced. Glam hair is here to stay, with NUME.

 Don’t forget that I have a coupon code for the NUME Lustrum – just in time this Christmas!
Use code ‘Kaushalslustrum‘ to get all Lustrum sets for $99 each HERE!