Christmas Gift Guide #2



I wouldn’t be Christmas without candles, right? I bring to you today, a brand of candles which are SO underrated. This is Durance. They’re a french brand, need I say more? NOPE. They are bloody brilliant ♥

The ‘Holly’ diffuser has been living on my desk for a fair few weeks now. I’m not gonna lie, for me Christmas started way back in November. I totally forget this beauty was on my desk and every time I walked into my office, I would smell something so gorgeous! In my head, I thought I had split some sort of product somewhere but then, in true (very late) Kaush style, I realised it was this! I’ve never smelt holy before but my gosh, it’s so beautiful.

This leads me onto their ‘Spiced Biscuit’ candle. OH my, actual, goodness. If I could eat this, I totally would. I love spiced anything. I get sucked into everything spiced, especially around this time of year. I would suggest you all to take some time out of your day today, and treat yourself to this candle. You won’t regret it. I’ve managed to get myself some back ups. I’m totes going to be burning this outside the Christmas period 😉

Durance Holy Scented Diffuser £25.95 HERE
Durance Spiced Biscuit Candle £14.45 HERE