Naked Basics, Doing It Again.





Ya’ll know how much I love Urban Decay, right? I  use their eyeshadows on a eyeshadow day or night, 99% of the time. There’s just something about their smooth, pigmented and creamy texture which doesn’t touch any others out there. I guess you could say that they’re in a league of their own! When they released their Naked Basics 2 palette earlier this month, I knew it had to be mine.

Packaging wise, this palette is identical to the original Naked Basics palette, I these to be super travel friendly as they fit into any makeup bag with such ease. Colour wise this palette is much lighter and in fact more wearable on a day to day basis. Every colour beside ‘Skimp’ has a matte finish, ideal for everyday wear. I would wear skimp as a highlight or even all over my lid for a slight shimmery, easy eye look. All the other colours are so beautiful as you can see from my swatches. I would personally wear alone and smoked out, using a similar technique to this look.

I feel this palette has a larger shade variety of colours than the original, so if you’re stuck on which one to get, the second one might just be for you! However, if you want more of a neutral selection of shades, the original will be calling your name. However, for all you Urban Decay super-fans out there, like me, you totally need this in your life to add to your ever growing UD palette collection 😉

The Naked Basics 2 palette is £22 and available HERE. But the question is, is it on your wish list?