My Eyebrow Routine, Decoded.



Eyebrows are one of my favourite things, I actually think it’s the first thing I look at in a person. There’s just something about a strong brow which can’t be knocked. I for one, have suffered quite badly from over tweezing my brown in my teen years. Unfortunately for me, I naturally have sparse brows and to all you bushy browed ladies, I’m totally a jelly bean for what you ladies have!

I am so thankful for my updated eyebrow routine, which make me look like my brows are some-what-decent. I had gotten so many emails, messages and questions on how I filled my eyebrows in that I filmed a tutorial on it.

Now this technique isn’t something for everyone, as not everyone has naturally thing/sparse brow hairs but it does wonders to mine! So without further adieu, this is exactly how I fill my eyebrows in!

Spooly from Sallys £2.99 available HERE
Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown £15 available HERE
Illamasqua Angled Brush £19 available HERE
Tweezerman Tweezers £12.50 available HERE
HD Brow Palette £21 available HERE
MAC Pro Concealer in Medium £35 available HERE

Now over to you, ladies – what would you recommend for helping eyebrow growth?!