DIY Perfume Storage



 Let’s face it, perfume bottles are just too pretty to keep locked away in drawers or hidden away on your dressing table somewhere. I really wanted an area to make a bit of a song-and-dance on my dressing table for my perfumes. It is when I nipped onto a random Indian shop on Belgrave Road in Leicester where I found a beautiful tray for this and I knew had to be mine.

This tray to some is known as an ‘Aarti’ tray/thali, you may even have laying around the house somewhere. These trays are usually used in Indian household for prayers and ‘Aartis’. However, when I saw this beautiful, sparkly specimen, I know exactly what I was going to use it for – my perfumes! I love that it is gold with a mosaic design on the face, it just screams out my name!

Sometimes I love popping into random shops and finding gems like these! This now perfume tray of mine was £15, so a little on the expensive side of things but it just looks too darn pretty on my dressing table!


How do you like to store your perfumes?