Pastel Perfection.


[Top to bottom: Pink in the Park, Orange Punch, Uptown Blue and Lime me Up]

I’m not one for trying out new polishes, I stick with what I know and rarely venture out there into the big bad world. But some beauties graced my nails last week which have blown me away. I’m talkin’ about the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Gel Nail Colours, in particular their newest edition to the family… The Pastels.

These colours are opaque, glossy, gel-like and seem to last a heck of a long time on my nails!
What’s not to love, right?

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever tried any Maybelline polishes before, I tend to stick to my ORLYs and ESSIEs of the world. But since wearing these for almost a week(!) with only one chip (which was totally my fault), I am seriously impressed 🙂 These polishes retail at a bargain for £4.49 and are also available nationwide HERE!

I’m currently sporting a mani with a tie-dye accent nail, which may I add I’ve had so many compliments on. It was simple done by adding a white polish as the background along with a dot of colour that was then blended out with an eyeshadow sponge tip applicator in one area and slowly repeating on the rest of the nail. Genius. Ladies, don’t throw away those dreaded applicators – they are made for nail art!


Have you tried any Maybelline polishes before? Are you totally obsessed like I am?!


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