Give it Some Lash Power.


You know things get real when Clinique launch a new mascara. Lash Power Feathering Mascara is new to their ever loved mascara range. When this met my lashes for the very first time, I knew they would hit it off (BFFs for life?). Now I’ve been using lots of plastic wands for a long time that I forget just how beautiful a brush mascara wand is, in particular this one.


It’s the perfect shape for pretty much every eye shape. The bristles aren’t harsh and glide the product so evenly onto your lashes without pretty much any effort at all. And oh my gosh, if you curl your lashes before using this, you really will just call in love.


When you’ve got this on, you won’t feel like you’ve got any mascara on. It’s quite bizarre, I sometimes find myself touching my lashes because they I just so soft when I’ve got this on! Oh, and did I mention the removal process!? You’re gonna love this. It’s literally THE easiest mascara to remove – hallelujah! There’s definitely a mascara Goddess looking out there for us, ladies 🙂

I really do love the Lash Power Mascara. It gives me that perfect, everyday look, not too much and not to little. I generally have been wearing two layers of this just so I can feel as though my lashes are super feathery, long and defined. Me likey very much!

Clinique’s Lash Power Feathering Mascara has launched nationwide today
at £18 for you to get your flutter on!




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