The one and only, Banana Powder.

Banana Powder Review 01

Ben Nye Banana Powder £9.95 HERE

If you haven’t heard about this powder, where have you been?! This cult MUA favourite has graced many celebrity faces including one of my makeup inspirations, Kimmy (Kim Kardashian – oh how I wish we were on first name basis!). This powder is used by one of her MUAs Mario Dedivanovic. Yes, he’s the one who gives her that perfectly contoured face. And this bad boy banana powder is his key product in highlighting and setting during this.

Banana Powder Review 02

I got my hands on this last year and wasn’t too sure about it when I played around with it. But after giving it a good test run I am in love. Best applied with a Beauty Blender (or beauty/foundation sponge) this perfectly highlights my under eyes without the dreaded concealer crease-idge going on. You can see it in action in my everyday makeup routine video HERE.

I’ve got to admit, applying this with a brush just doesn’t do it for me but with my Beauty Blender it makes my skin look flawless. It’s very finely milled which makes application look and feel light and refreshing. Because of it’s yellow colour, it’s the most perfect product to not only enhance your highlight when contouring but also brightens the skin! This has definitely become a cult favourite of mine!

Have you tried Ben Nye’s Banana Powder before? Will you be getting your hands on this?


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