My 5 Favourite Highlighters.

Hey doll faces. I thought I’d share my 5 FAVOURITE HIGHLIGHTERS with you all. I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now. The pictures have been sitting around in this post, yet I just hadn’t got round to writing anything up. I love using a highlighter on my cheekbones &/or brow bones to add some dimension to my face. Or to add a glow to my skin by mixing it into my foundation on gloomy days. My current favourites are these…

High Beam by Benefit RRP £18.50 – I’ve had this for ages. It’s from a sample I got in a magazine. Goes to show how long this really lasts. Great texture & blends in beautifully into your skin. I mainly use this on my cheek bones.

Watt’s Up by Benefit RRP £24.50 – Read by review of this HERE. But I adore this champagne highlighter. I’d say it’s more on the bronze side of things. It looks great on Asian clothes & when you’re wearing black. I love a good gold & black combination.

Polished by Topshop (limited edition, roughly £10) – This is most probably my favourite Topshop make-up purchase. I’m super gutted that it was limited edition as I use this sparingly because I don’t want it to run out. Little goes a long way. It’s has the creamiest yet lightest texture & smells so good that you gotta refrain your self from licking it… Only me then? Ah, well!

Skin Glow by Topshop RRP £10 – I tend to use this with my foundation. It gives my skin a gorgeous glow to it with any foundation (I prefer to mix it with my MAC Face & Body). I love the iridescent finish of it.

Icing by Daniel Sandler RRP £12 – These water colours by Daniel Sandler have been raved & raved by beauty bloggers & damn skippy they should be! My favourite out of the ones I own is this. It’s got a beautiful shimmery pink look to it. I love wearing it with Hoola by Benefit.

Here’s what they look like in normal day light. Beautiful! I only introduced highlighters into my make-up regime about a year ago. I don’t know what I’d do without them now.

I still want to try MAC’s Lustre drops & the NARS multiples. What are your favourite highlighters? Any that I should add to my mental wishlist? 😉