Day & Night.

Hi Dolls! How are you all doing? Firstly, I would like to THANK you all for the love & support for the past few months!! I really love blogging & am so happy that I can share my ramblings with you… & throughout the process I’ve managed to get many regular readers 🙂 Secondly… Who’s BUMMED out by the awful weather? I sure am!! 🙁

On a lighter note though… I got a request to do a day & night look the other week. So… Here it is dolls! Sorry, it’s not very good as I was in a super rush to get everything done today! But, what I’ve got here is a look that will work for ANY DAY of the year! You can mix & match the day colours to give you an exciting smoky eye for the night 🙂 Here’s the DAY look… I’ve kept it VERY simple so it doesn’t matter whether you’re at work, out shopping or even going to run some errands 🙂 The crease colour can be swapped for any other colour you want, which is GREAT 🙂 I opted for a quick & easy natural look…

Primer » Sublime Nature Paints Peintures by MAC.
Eye shadow » Trax & Satin Taupe by MAC – On the crease only!
Top liner » Blackest Black Glimmerstick by Avon & Eye Definition liquid liner by Collection 2000.
Bottom liner » Eye Bright by Benefit.
Mascara » The Falsies by Maybelline.

So as you can see, the day look is very natural & subtle. The primer is very similar to my skin tone so it works great as an “INVISIBLE” eye shadow 😉 You can change the crease colour with any eye shadow colour you wish to. Coral, pink, dusy blue, they all work well. Just make sure you blend them properly else it’ll just look ODD! Now for the NIGHT look, all you need to do is add 2 more colours on top of what’s already on your eye & HEY PRESTO! You’re good to party the night away! Just make sure you top up your eyeliner and mascara 😉 Here’s the night look… With a quick list of what I’ve added & topped up on…

Eye Shadow » NYX Grey on the lid, NYX Black on the crease & blended it well.
Mascara » Top up of The Falsies by Maybelline.
Top Liner » Blackest Black Glimmerstick by Avon & Eye Definition liquid liner by Collection 2000 both topped up.
Waterline » Blackest Black Glimmerstick by Avon.
Lower Lash Line » Black NYX eye shadow on my lower lash line.

It looks like I’ve added a lot from that list but it was really quick & easy to do! I hope this helps you with your weekend coming up… & for the rest of the year! Are you doing anything nice this weekend? I am! I’m off to explore the big city, I’m very, VERY excited 😀 If you have any requests then please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to do them 🙂

P.S – This looks looks great with a natural colour blush & nude/pink lips 😉