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Eyeliner | Best Gel Eyeliners… EVER!

I’m really picky about eyeliners. I tend to never leave the house without it, either tight-lined or as a top liner. I can hand on my heart say that I don’t feel comfortable without it. In comes Avon’s SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliners*! SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliners by Avon £6 available HERE These are THE most smooth gel […]

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My 12 Favourite Beauty Products of 2012.

Happy new year, everyone!! How are you all keeping? Did you have a good Christmas & New Year break? I hope it went very well. Today, I bring you my 12 favourite beauty products of 2012. A little later than usual, but I hope you guys like it & find it useful. I’ve discovered some […]

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My Everyday Face

Hi all. I hope you’re all having a lovely December & guess what? It’s almost Christmas – yippee! So, I filmed a video today (in a rush) and didn’t realise the lighting got SO incredibly bad towards the end that I don’t think there’s much point of actually uploading it But, luckily I had taken […]

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