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FOTD | Friday Face of The Day 01.

If you follow me in the great little world of Instagram you will know that I have started posting my ‘Friday Face of The Day’ every Friday. A lot of people asked me to post a picture of my face also which I had started doing last week and wanted to share with you all. […]

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My 12 Favourite Beauty Products of 2012.

Happy new year, everyone!! How are you all keeping? Did you have a good Christmas & New Year break? I hope it went very well. Today, I bring you my 12 favourite beauty products of 2012. A little later than usual, but I hope you guys like it & find it useful. I’ve discovered some […]

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Scented Make-up… Yummy!

Hey, hey there my lovelies! I thought I’d quickly share this crazy & recent obsession of mine! It seems to me that every morning when I’m getting ready for work… I’m picking up certain products in general. The other day it all CLICKED! Basically, I seem to be drawn to gorgeous scented make-up! Although smell […]

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