How do you pronounce your name?
Ko-shul (kind of rhymes with ‘social’)
Origin: Indian (Sanskrit)
Meaning: skilful, wealth, clever.

What’s your ethnicity?
I’m full Indian, born & raised in England.

How old are you?
I was born in 1988.

How do you colour/do your hair?
My updated hair from 2014 onwards is done by Nicky Lazou who’s work you can see HERE and more recently HERE.

What’s your skin type?
My skin type depends on the weather & is always changing therefore I have combination skin.

What shade are you in MAC foundation?
MAC Face & Body – C3
MAC Foundations – NC30/35

What’s your favourite foundation?
I think my all time favourite foundation is the MAC Face & Body however recently I have discovered the YSL Touche Éclat Foundation (review HERE) & it’s become a firm favourite! You can also read more about MAC’s Face & Body HERE. In 2014 I have fallen in love with Illamasqua’s Skinbase Foundation. It has medium to high coverage but makes your skin look flawless! I currently use the shade 8.5.

How should I find the right foundation shade for me?
1. Always take a sample home
2. Make sure you tell the MUA at the counter your skin type
3. Find a foundation for your skin type (if you skin is oily, stay clear from oily/dewy foundations)
4. Be happy with the level of coverage
5. Use your sample at home, with the way you like to apply it to see if you can work with it.
6. Take pictures with and without flash in daylight and night to see how it looks in photographs (stay away from foundations with SPF if you’re going to wear it during flash photography!)
7. Don’t feel pressured to buy there and then!

What Camera do you use?
At first I used a Canon IXUS 220 and 130. Since April 2011, I’ve used a Canon 500D with 18-55mm & 50mm lenses. I occasionally use my iPhone and/or Instagram images. Since August 2014 I now also use a Canon 70D along with my 500D for filming and photography on my 18-50mm 0.28m/0.9ft lens and occasionally 55mm 0.45m/1.5ft lens.

Do you have a YouTube channel?
Yes I do 🙂 You can find my channel HERE.

What camera do you use to film?
Since August 2014 I use a mixture of my Canon 500D, 70D for filming with my 18-50mm 0.28m/0.9ft lens and also my iPhone 5S. For Vlogging, since 2015 I use a mixture of my iPhone and Canon G7X.

What lighting do you use for filming?
I use 2 soft boxes and 1 ring light both from Amazon.

What do you use to edit your YouTube videos?
I use a mixture of iMovie & Final Cut Pro.

Do you have any tips on starting a blog/YouTube channel?
1 – Write/talk about something yo have passion in
2 – Try and be creative with the topics you write/talk about
3 – Read other blogs/watch other videos
4 – Good Photography
5 – Good Lighting
6 – Sign up to all social media to share your content
7 – And most importantly be your self and let your personality come out throughout your blog posts/videos 🙂

Do you take makeup bookings for weddings, parties, prom, bridal etc?
Unfortunately, due to my workload I no longer freelance as an MUA and will not be able to respond to each email regarding this due to the volume of emails I receive – so sorry!

What program do you use to edit your pictures?
I do not ‘photoshop’ any of my pictures but I use Photoshop C5 to add a watermark to all of the pictures on my blog & occasionally post pictures from my Instagram (with their filters).

Where is your wallpaper from?
It’s this one HERE.

Can you please tell me all about your piercings?
There is a video where I talk about them HERE.

Skincare is something which is different for everyone. I would say, always make sure you are drinking enough water, eating generally well and cleansing, toning & moisturising your skin every day, twice a day. Personally, I love doing masks once or twice a week – all depending on what my skin is like that week. When it comes to buying skincare I would suggest the best thing to do is get samples before you buy anything! You want to make sure the products agree with your skin type before splurging into buying. What works for me or you, may not work for others so always do your research and stock up on samples before buying!

If you have any other questions please leave me a comment below!

  • Kuki

    Love from your biggest fan xxx

    • Kaushal

      Thank you Kuki! 🙂 x

  • surbhi

    Love your blog. Your hair is just lovely.

    • Kaushal

      Thank you my lovely x

  • Ruby

    Love from your second biggest fan hehe

    • Kaushal

      LOL thanks Ruby 🙂 x

  • Nova

    Hi there I discovered your blog recently and fell in love completely I was wondering how you made you banner I’m dying to know because I want to start a blog and also I was wondering if when you take photos of make up on you actual face you could do one with flash and one without 🙂

    • Kaushal

      Hi Nova, thanks do much for your message. I made my banner just with a random font on a program called Paint.NET which is like a free photoshop. I can try & do with & without flash photography of my face (sometimes England isn’t the best for that) but I will definitely try my best x

  • Harpreet

    I am in love with your blog – more so cos you’re indian 🙂
    i know you said you dont use photoshop but how do you then edit the pics when you for example do a pic and then theres a box to the side with a close up for example? thanks :))

    • Kaushal

      Hi Harpreet, thank you so much! I used a mixture of Picasa & paint to make that particular collage 🙂 I hope that helps x

  • Emily

    Love your blog:)
    I know you don’t use sleeks contour kit anymore, so I’m just wondering what products for contouring/highlighting you use?
    I am trying to work out what I should use, so any advice would be great! I use nars sheer glow foundation- Syracuse. http://www.narscosmetics.com/complexion/foundation/sheer-glow-foundation/syracuse

    • Kaushal

      Hiya Emily! I go through phases where I’ll use it but currently loving Hoola again 🙂 Recently been loving MAC’s Vanilla pigment as a highlight… but you can see my favourite highlighters post here: http://beauty-fulfilled.com/2012/05/04/my-5-favourite-highlighters/. If you need anything please just give me a shout 🙂

  • Kirti

    Hey, could you please make a video/blog post on how you contour,highlight and add blush please, I really love the way you do your makeup!! xx

    • Kaushal

      Hi Kirti, of course I can. I plan on doing more videos once I’ve moved into my new house. Let’s hope it’s not too long now 🙂 x

  • Divya

    She is 26 years old! Hard to believe i know. I am not sure about her occupation tho

  • Simran Matharu

    absolutely love her videos!

    • Kaushal

      Thank you <3

  • yashika

    Which is your all time favourite hair color … or which hair color would you suggest to beginners …
    Even I’m a nc30 – 35

    • Kaushal

      The colour I have had done in January 2015 – pictures of it can be seen on my Instagram 🙂

  • Aashima Sharma

    Girl you are so special <3… Love your videos KAUSHAL … i am so glad to discover your chanel on youtube.. 🙂 and here too…yupppieee!!!!

    • Kaushal


  • I am so glad to have found your channel on youtube and your blog.. Keep up the good work, being a Youtuber and a Blogger myself I know how much hard work, time and dedication it needs. 🙂

    All She Needs

  • KaushalsMassiveFan

    What university did u attend? what course did u do? and what job are u doing at the moment? thanks x

    • Kaushal

      I went to University and did Advertising and Public Relations 🙂 I am currently blogging and doing YouTube full time 🙂

  • marina

    Favourite pink/brown/nude lipstick for asian indian skin ? And which foundation is better ? NARS or M.A.C ?

    • Kaushal

      I don’t have a favourite lipstick 🙁 I have tooooo many favourites! I prefer my MAC Face & Body foundation 🙂

  • marina

    Mar lou manizer or kevin aucoin celestial highlighter ? Which is a better piece with a bargain ?

    • Kaushal

      Mary Lou Manizer if you like a strong highlighter but Celestial Powder is such a natural highlight! X

  • marina

    And which of the naked pallete is your favourite ? Naked 1 2 3, vice 3 , electric pallete and review on naked flushed ?

    • Kaushal

      I love the original Naked Palette but number 2 is creeping up to first place – it suite olive skin tones so much!

  • Precious Wonders

    What lighting so you use to film with? Love your blog and vlog

  • Anica

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  • Tia Thayil

    what’s your occupation? I saw in one of your blog posts that you just made a career change for the better… can you tell us more about it??

    • Kaushal

      I am currently blogging and doing YouTube full time 🙂 x

  • Sarah

    When are you doing your haul from india ?

    • Kaushal

      Soon! My mum just got back with the rest of the shopping from India so waiting to get everything together to film it 🙂

  • omsri

    when did u started uploading videos on youtube??
    and do u do any job?? 🙂

  • Rami Hay

    I am trying to get into YouTube! Currently I am trying to Vlog about important world issues and recently started vlogging my life as a law student from Canada living in Australia. Any tips? It seems that a lot of people don’t really care about “world issues” nowadays and want to watch a lot of beauty (I love watching you and other “Beauty Gurus,” but I wanted to come to YouTube to create an outreach for those less-fortunate, so to speak)! I don’t know how to actually GET people to want to watch 🙁 I tried making a beauty video because I love makeup but I really didn’t enjoy making it…

    • Rami Hay

      PS. I love you videos 🙂 You’re such a cutie and are doing amazing as a fellow Indian in showing both sides of your upbringing.

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    Hi! I love your videos! Thanks for all the tips 🙂
    If possible can you give advise or makeup tips (colours) for darker skin (than yours) pls? I’m also Indian but with a darker skin and sometimes I am bit doubtful that the makeup will not be suitable?
    Thanks 🙂 from Paris

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    Hi Kaushal, I’m new to your page/blog & already im such a fan! You Go girl – you’re doing an amazing job 🙂 i wanted to see if you would do/ have done any tutorials on colour correcting. Being a medium (to sometimes dark depending on my tan) indian skin ie ranging on an nc42 to nc43.5 or nc44 at times.. I often struggle with greyness/darkness around my mouth. Regardless of hair removal etc. I use the orangey colour corrector under my foundation to try and get rid of it but although the rest of my skin is flawless in terms of matching the foundation to my tone, the area around my mouth is never fully gone & cam look ashy? Is this because of the wrong foundation colour or… What would you suggest please? Thanks in advance if you reply 🙂

  • Hina

    Hey Kaushal! I love your videos & follow you regularly. Have you done any Indian Bridal Make-up tutorials? If not, I would love to see it. Another good one to see would be the Indian celebrity Tutorial. I know you’ve done Deepika, Sonam and Aishwarya, if you could do maybe Rani Mukherji or even one of Alia Bhatt’s from the song, “Saturday”. Keep up the great work. God Bless! xoxo! 🙂

  • Marcia Groeneveld

    Hello watched some of your videos, seem very good! I have thin greasy hair. If I go one day without washing my hair, WATCH OUT!One thing I’ve been doing lately, is putting baking soda in my shampoo! Not just a teaspoon but about four tablespoons in two cups! It thickens it right up, so less is best, nthen keep adding. Another thing I keep in mind is clear shampoo – good for thin hair, creamy – good for thick hair

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    I love your vedio. specially indian shopping.
    one thing on indian bridal vedio you use revlon colour burst matte balm and one pink shade also which one is that pls let me know .it is super.

  • Sunny

    Hi Kaushal
    I like using BB creams on my skin when going for a look that needs little makeup..is there a particular brand/ product that you could recommend? At the moment I am using The Body Shop’s BB cream in the shade 02 which I find it working well!

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    Hello, Kaushal,
    I found your youtube videos a few days ago. I was just searching for some tutorial of Indian make-up, ’cause in a week I’m going to attend an Indian wedding (my husband’s mother is Indian and her nephew is getting married). So I watched your video on wedding guest makeup and it was very exciting. In fact, then I started to watch all your videos and I really enjoyed them! I’m going to try several makeup techniques from your videos.
    How did you start all this?
    Do (or will) you have any tutorials on fashion, style, creating a perfect wardrobe?
    Wish you all the best! You are just fabulous!

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    Hi kaushal….please do a video on the lovely makeup which you have on the Liz Earle Beauty giveaway please…it looks amazing!…
    Also a quick lowdown on what essential makep brushes you use and what for?….thank you

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    Hi kaushal .my name is nivetha and im 15 yrs old .I have just began to use skincare products ,makeup products and I have a medium toned skin.But I’m a lot confused how to use them and how to start my routine in skincare. So can u pls help me out with my starting…

  • Aline

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  • Amanpreet

    hi kaushal do you have a dupe for the mac face and body foundation? (for fair skin)
    and how can you make your face more dewy and glowing without expensive products thanks xoxox

  • Lauren

    Hi honey, please could provide me with a link of where I can purchase ‘Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder’ and what colour etc you use, if you could give me link where I can literally buy it id be ever so grateful. Thanks petal xx

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    Hi, Just wanted to say that I really enjoy watching your videos!! You are stunning! Also, I have noticed that you put the link for your wallpaper in your room…I’m just confused whether you got the Gold or the Mocha Damask wallpaper because they both look really similar online xx

  • Déshal Pema

    Hi, Kaushal! I am obsessed with your work and I just have so many questions. When will you be doing a room tour? I would really love to see how you organise your make-up, nail polish and all your clothing etc. Also, if you don’t mind me prying… what do you do when you’re not blogging/making youtube videos?
    How and when did you start off your blog and what form of experience did you have before starting your blog?
    Lots of love from South Africa! xx

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    Ur amazing
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    Where you live?

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    • Sarai

      actually she created her youtube channel on 5th July 2010… you can see that on her info page of her youtube channel…..

  • priyanka

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    What shade of foundation do you normally get? Not the number, the actual shade?

  • Khanal SapnaShuvam

    Hi Kaushal I am so so much loving ur makeup tutorial. I love to do makeup and I play with the colours for creating nice eye makeup. I wanted to get in touch with u so much but didn’t know how so I thought it’s better idea to ask u if I can talk to u once. Plz plz let me know.

  • Khadija Patel

    How did you start your blog, who made it for you? How can I create a blog like yours? Xx

  • Khanal SapnaShuvam

    Hi kaushal
    Where can I buy Liz Earle skincare product in London?
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    • Kruti

      Hello Khanal,
      You can get Liz Earle in Westfields,boots and definitely in John Lewis

      • Khanal SapnaShuvam

        Thank u

  • Hi Kaushal! Your blog looks beautiful. Can u tell me what template/theme u r using? also where did you get it and did you take professional help to make it look this way?

    • my cup of beauty

      I do custom blogger and WP design if you are interested 🙂 You can email me dominikacontact@gmail.com 🙂 xx

      • hey! thanks. I just succeed to customize my blog. But If in the future I need assistance, I’ll surely let u know! x thanks a lot for sharing. going to save ur contact details. 🙂 good day!

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    Also, just wanted to share this haha. My friend asked me this question the other day: “Which famous figure commenting on your blog or instagram posts would make you insanely happy?” I immediately replied with YOU! Would mean the world to me if you checked out my blog and followed me on insta :’)


    R Vera


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    I’m a fan by the way!!

    • lamisa choudhury

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    • Aanchel Shah

      you should really look into bh cosmetics brushes! i love their quality and the sets are so good! eco tools and real techniques brushes are also so good and you can find them from drugstores and ulta. elf studio line also has good ones 🙂 these are all relatively affordable

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