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Hola México! – Part 2

Hi dolls. I’m back again (2 days in a row – I’m slowly getting back into this!). I’ll be going through the process of getting back to everyone’s blog comments this week, so watch out for them if you’ve asked me a question. Alternatively, you can always post it on my FACEBOOK, TWEET me or […]

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Hello Hello! It has been far too long since I last blogged, ever since returning from Dubai I just haven’t been feeling it. But… the lovely Kaushal invited me to do a guest-blog for her. How could I refuse?! In my short time away from the blogosphere my addiction to eBay has heightened to critical […]

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I’m officially 22 now!! I still feel like a kid though! I wasn’t going to blog today but thought I’d do a post about the AMAZING birthday weekend I had! I was definitely spoilt by a special someone I was up THOUSANDS of feet in the air on the London Eye (which is absolutely amazing!!) & […]

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