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… And… Relax…

Hi dolls. I thought I’d quickly share with you what I seem to grab every night before hitting the sack. I used to find sleeping very difficult (especially during & after uni – you know how it is!). Any how, I have recently been introduced to [ comfort zone ]‘s Tranquillity Oil. Those of you that don’t […]

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It’s never too late ♥

So dolls, Valentine’s day is just around the CORNER! I can’t believe it’s come so quick. I still remember last year’s like it was yesterday. I was all flu’d up & super ill but had the most AMAZING time ♥ Low-key, time spending, laughter & love is totally my thing – however I do like a […]

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My little treasures.

Hi cupcakes! Have you ever found any little treasures in your house, TOTALLY out of the blue?! Well, it happened to me last week when I was helping my mum clear out & organise her room. Here’s what I found… I’m definitely going to use the little storage bits for my dressing table & I […]

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