‘No Makeup’ Makeup.


No-Makeup-Makeup-Tutorial‘No Makeup’ Makeup? This phrase has been knocking around the online beauty world for quote some time now. If you’ve heard it before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For anyone who is thinking ‘what in the world is Kaush talking about?!’ – well, in a nut shell, it’s makeup which looks like you’re not wearing any makeup. Crazy, I know but it’s a look which I personally love wearing.

Sometimes, well in my case, most of the time I don’t like to wear too much makeup on a day-to-day basis. This might sound a little bizarre considering I am obsessed with makeup. I like to get creative for my tutorials and as always when I’m going out to a party, bar, dinners, weddings, receptions… The list is pretty much endless. But on an everyday basis, I like to keep things minimal & natural looking. Obviously, I love a good contour and highlight, but it’s all minimal when I’m having a ‘no makeup’ makeup day. I posted a picture of this type of makeup on my Instagram page and was overwhelmed with the amount of requests I had to film a ‘no makeup’ makeup routine. So here it is!

As always, the full list of products used can be found HERE – enjoy, my beauties!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did filming it for you. I do end up switching up the lips and cheek combo so suit my mood. Alongside switching up my base to something a little more ‘glowy’ from Spring onwards. But as of recent, I’m digging the matte look. What do you think of the ‘No makeup makeup’ look? Do you love it like me?




  • catherine ♡

    You look stunning! I love wearing this type of look in the day as it’s so easy, but still makes you look put together x


  • You are so beautiful! Love ur blog and youtube!
    Keep smiling! Have a nice day to all who read this 🙂
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  • Kaushal Raj Bhadauria


  • Shekin Daud

    Nice blog! i’m glad i discover you!x


  • Arya Elsa Jose

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  • Upasana Kanani

    Hi Kaush… I absolutely love everything you post… Big hug.. you inspire me a lot.. so i have started my own blog.. Like it 🙂


  • Aicha Hallil

    Peace be upon you my sister I loved makeup many and how your interactions on your face and you are beautiful in the truth of the non-make-up …… but my sister I want make-up which you have used and I find here in my country, if possible, you should follow me, one is able to because he did not amicably price please and thank you and can talk to me on my Facebook Please, I am here (( Aicha hallil))

  • sid

    Am just getting nutz about you …ur perfectly perfect..love to watch ur videos.. every luk of urs is jst awsumm …