Bronzed Up Pinky Valentine’s Day Look.





I can’t quite believe that Valentine’s day is just around the corner which means it’s time for my first Valentine’s day makeup tutorial. Valentine’s day for me and my other half isn’t something we celebrate, because as cheesy as it may sound we show each other how much we love each other every day. We’ve done all sorts on Valentine’s day from sitting at home and chilling watching movies, to going out for dinner, having a full home cooked diner – the lot. But it’s always nice to get dressed up whatever you’re getting up to. Even if it’s dinner with your friends or going out and having a boogie.

I thought I would get the look that I wore in my recent Q&A Video as I had so many requests to get a tutorial up and I thought it would be the perfect look to wear for V-day. I am always drawn to pinks, golds and reds during this kind of season so with the right amount of shimmer and pink in this look, I just had to get it up.

With beautifully bronzed skin and a hint of pink on the lips, you simply cannot go wrong. This look is also perfect, no matter what you have planned for next week. As always, enough of my rambling and onto the tutorial itself! I hope you enjoy this look as much as I love wearing it! Really, I can’t seem to stop wearing this eyeshadow combo ♥

As always, the full list of products used can be found HERE – enjoy, my beauties and I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday!




  • SHANEL .

    Such a pretty look ! x

  • Chloe Samways

    This look is gorgeous on you, it complements your skin tone so well


  • You look beautiful Kausal! The lipstick is gorgeous on you!

    Check out my blog 🙂

  • thabassum

    looking beautiful Kaushal 🙂

  • catherine ♡

    This look is absolutely beautiful! xx

  • You look stunning! The eyeshadow color looks amazing on you and the lip color is really pretty.

  • parip

    can you do video just on contouring

  • SM

    Can you please do a video on corporate job makeup!

  • SM

    Also, I’ve noticed in your tutorials, sometimes you start with the eye makeup, at other times you do your face first. Is there a reason why you choose to do so?

  • Upasana Kanani