The Faux Fishtail Braid.





Me and hair are best friends, but when it comes to doing hairstyles, I don’t tend to do much. I want to push my boundaries and learn new (yet easy) techniques that I can share with you all. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I got my hair re-done yesterday by the amazing hair magician, that is Nicky Lazou. Which got me thinking that I hadn’t done a hair tutorial in what seemed like yonks. That totally changed, today. Behold the ‘Faux Fishtail Braid Tutorial‘.

Personally, I struggle with your average fishtail braid. I’m pretty sure it’s all down to my hair being too thick and generally speaking has a mind of it’s own. I’ve always wanting to master it but instead I always end up creating a ‘faux’ fishtail braid. It’s something which is super easy, super secure and looks super cute 😉 You pretty much only need clear elastic bands to create it and can customise it to your needs – you can make it chunkier, or as intricate as you like.

I’m one who is all up for hair which looks great and easy to do, because to be honest I’m totally lazy when it comes to doing my hair. But I just had to share this faux fishtail braid method with you all as it’s definitely a hair hack everyone needs in their lives!




  • Sarah.

    Hi ! Just a little comment to say that i really really appreciate the look and maybe you could do some other “hair hacks” tutorials for those who really really suck at hair braiding or whatever. Thanks for all and as always you looked just perfect ! xxx.

  • What a great technique! I love it, it looks so pretty.

  • Sam

    Such a pretty look, your hair looks awesome! I wish my hair was a bit longer so braids would hold better.

  • This is such a good technique! My layers are always popping out of my braids!

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  • Just discovered your youtube! I need to go to an Indian Wedding! I need (again, need) to try your looks 😀 They are amazing 😛