Shampoo Vs Conditioner.


It was a conversation on Twitter which sparked this blog post. I couldn’t get my head round the reason for shampoo and conditioner bottles being the same size. I for one always double shampoo and condition only the mid lengths and ends of my hair (as is my hair stylist Nicky’s mantra) resulting in my shampoo bottle finishing far quicker than my conditioner. (P.S – I tend to also steering clear of conditioning my scalp – to avoid premature greasy hair, if ya know what I mean?) But then it came to my attention that some of us out there use the conditioner bottle up first!? Hence, this post-down where shampoo Vs conditioner!

Taking either approach, surely one bottle should be bigger in size, than the other? Shampoo company, what do you think (if you’re reading this)? I just find it frustrating that I have to buy my S+C in a very strategic way. Thank the lord for offers than run, which makes me stock up on my beloved shampoo!

Having had my hair done at many, many salons they also recommend a double shampoo even when you’re at home – surely I’m not going crazy here, right? But why on earth are some peoples’ conditioner bottles finishing first?! Please enlighten me 🙂

Who’s team are you on? Team Shampoo or team conditioner? I’m team shampoo all the way!