#AskKaush Q&A


If you follow me on any social media (if you don’t my links are on the right hand side of my blog!) you will know that last week I asked for my followers to send me any questions they had using the hashtag #AskKaush. I was so overwhelmed by the response – I had over 1000 questions come through which was fab but so difficult to answer. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely struggled editing down almost 2 hours of footage but it was so much fun to film! I hope this is one of those videos where you get to know me a little better than you did before 🙂

Massive thank you to everyone who sent in their questions – lots of love goes out to you all ♥




  • I love your make-up in this video, so pretty! What a fun video this was. Yes, do some food videos, I’d like that! If I had to choose between mascara and lipstick I’d tooootally pick mascara though 🙂 What a cute pic of baby you!

  • Looking forward to watching this! x


  • Kanishka Mehta

    Kaushal, I’ve left this comment on YouTube but it’s gone unanswered, apparently. Could you please do a beginners tutorial? Something like how to know when your makeup is enough, not going overboard with it, knowing what suits one’s skin tones, and maybe a few experiences or amusing incidents from your former makeup days? Something like the mistakes people usually make whilst doing makeup and stuff like that. You know?

  • Marie-Christine

    I love your eye makeup, caan youo do a natural smokey eye, because you have many times on tutoials and it’s sooooooo beeautiful.