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A new year makes everyone jump onto the resolution bandwagon and goal making thang. It’s a metaphor for a fresh start. A new beginning. A brand new book, to start writing the chapters of your life in. But this is something that I don’t tend to do. I mean, the end of the year always makes me look back on the highs of the year, and of course things I would like to do differently. But something I highly urge everyone to do from TODAY (yep, not the 1st of January, but little ol’ 31st of December), is not to wait for a specific date to change, move forward, start your goals or even start your bucket list – whatever it may be, do it today.

2014 has taught me so many things. It’s taught me to be more loving, more open, more positive and most importantly more driven than I have ever been in my life. This past year was filled with lots of changes to my life, which I’m totally not going to bore you with, but one thing I can say is that it’s been one of the best years of my life, so far. One of the major things that I have learnt is to put myself and my goals as a number one priority.

My life, in many ways, has taught me that it’s a very precious thing. Things can change in a split second. Which brings me back to my first point, why wait to change things? Or do things differently?

Let me give you a little insight and example from my 2014. Earlier this year, I was very unhappy with my job. I made it my goal to change this a few months into the year. Albeit, I was confused and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career at the start, but everything started making sense a around spring time. I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew I had to do it now! So I took a positive leap of faith, made many changes and I couldn’t have been happier. If you’ve got the drive and passion there, you can do anything you set your mind to!

A couple of tips that I would like to add about anyone who has a goal, wish or even change something in their lives. Nothing is going to happen if you sit there and don’t take any action on it – trust me, I’m talking from experience! The first change you can make in your life is to be proactive and do something about the goals/changes you would like to make. Action leads to change. Secondly, is to be in the right mind frame. My other half (HERE) is someone who is always there to keep me on track, and I’m so lucky to have someone like that in my life. There is no point having a goal, but thinking negatively about it. It can be hard at times but always thinking about what you WANT in life, not what you don’t want.

One thing I’ve really struggled with (and sometimes even do now) is the dreaded case of ‘what if’ -itis. I would always want to do something but end up thinking to myself, ‘but what if this happened?’. This constantly brought me back to a somewhat negative mind set – which is so something that we don’t need in our lives! There are so many books, websites and even videos you can watch on YouTube which teach you ways to be more positive. Little changes you make in your mind first, show through in yourself – becoming a better being!

I know this has been a bit of a random, life post on my blog but it’s just something I really wanted to get out there to all my readers and followers! I really want us to all be a little more positive in our lives. I know it’s hard, but let’s all take baby steps there so we can live in a more loving world. Because let’s face it, it can be scary out here sometimes!

Finally, after all this rambling, I would like to whole-heartedly thank each and every one of you that follow me in any way, shape or form – you are all amazing (and I mean that!). Emails, tweets, messages, comments – you are all such beautiful human beings! I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for your support ♥

Here’s to an amazing 2015. I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store for us all. One thing is for sure, let’s sprinkle positivity and love, everywhere we go. Everywhere.




  • Myya

    Thank you so much for this post, I have had a, well let’s just say up and down year but people like you make me happier! ♡thank you♡

  • Lindsay Frances

    Happy new year Kaushal 🙂 xx

  • Summer Hanif

    I followed both your youtube and blog towards the end of this year and I’ve enjoyed reading or watching everything you’ve put out for us. Hope you have a happy new year! x


  • Priya Chumber

    i totally agree with what you said. I always have so many things planned in my mind too or the things i want to do but i always think what if this happen? and that take me back to where i was. I am working on that and i will try my best not to think about “what if.”

  • Aashna Setia

    Beautiful words <3 Happy New Years Kaushal 🙂 You're an inspiration to us all!

  • Naz

    I really needed to read this <3 Thanks Kaushal xxx

  • Lucky Bath

    Brilliant post, I have actually wrote something similar on my blog early yday, I would love for you and all your readers to check it out http://www.themanicuredmummy.com . happy new year u wish you all the success you really deserve it, thank you for helping me set up my blog I really appreciated the help. Lucky B x

  • Esha Rajesh

    What a lovely post to a new year! Good luck your next chapter! <3 x

  • Quanitha Fathima

    Hey Kaushal….Wish u a Happy n prosperous New Year 2015….n keep up ur good work with the tutorials.

  • Beth

    Lovely inspiring words. I agree that for most people, new year’s resolutions are an excuse to put off making life changes. If you really want something, there is no point in waiting – seize the moment and make those changes happen now.
    Beth x

  • Shekin Daud

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out at http://shxkin.com/2015/01/02/tagged/

  • What a lovely post. Looking back can really help you see things more clearly, eh? Happy New Year!

  • Jabeen Waheed

    Words of wisdom! Love it. This is what I’ll be taking into 2015 with me http://www.spilling-the-beans.co.uk/2014/12/its-okay-to-eat-cereal-for-dinner-you.html xx

  • M – Unearthed Beauty

    You’re so beautiful, sweet and positive. I wish I could get there somewhere. You were my inspiration to start my own blog – http://unearthedpure.wordpress.com/

  • Andrea McCann

    I struggle with a case of “what-if”itis and totally needed to read this post. Love your blog and youtube channel!


    Andrea Bai

  • Mahnoor Baqai

    Kaushal you are one of my favourite beauty gurus! you are just so refreshing to watch and read. Happy New Year 🙂


    It would mean everything if you checked out my blog!

  • Pushpa M

    I’ve a major issue : procrastination. Every night i’ll go to sleep telling myself that next day i’ll wake up stronger and more focussed but it never happens. I get so angry with myself. But for 2015, i’ve made a promise that i’m going to be that confident successful woman ive always dreamt of being. The only obstacle is my old self which i’m more than determined to defeat. It is hard but this is my new years resolution. Kaushal, after reading your post, i want to tell you this: keep this positive attitude because there are many people like myself who you are inspiring.thank you

  • Do you have any beauty related new years resolutions? 😉 Also, if you don’t mind me asking, are you doing the Blog and Youtube as your job now?