Miracle Hand Balm.




I find sometimes we forget about our hands. I mean besides our legs, they do a heck of a lot of work during the day. A few weeks ago, I really noticed something. I’m not quite sure what has caused this, it might even be the weather. I noticed my hands and dry cuticles were very dry and need of some major TLC. In came the Rituals Miracle Hand Balm to save me.

I still remember when I first put this on my hands, I thought to myself ‘WOW’. The texture is something so rich, it’s definitely not your usual hand cream. This well and truly is a balm. It doesn’t leave your hands feeling slippery, wet or anything of that nature. Giving this about a minute to soak into your skin, you’re left with some super softness going on, on your hands.

The scent is also gorgeous! If you love sweet scents and Lotus then you will definitely love this. The look, feel, consistency and texture are so luxurious like a thick and creamy balm. And it’s definitely filled with moisture as my hands and cuticles now look and feel brand new! There has been a lot of Rituals love in my life recently, but this has become a love of not just my hands but my handbag too! #HandbagHero

Rituals Miracle Hand Balm £10 available HERE