A Face Mask’s Best Friend.





I’ve been wanting to share this little skincare tip for a while now. I got this from a friend and it has changed my face mask game greatly! I always used my fingers in the past to put masks on, not only can it be unhygienic (especially using a pot mask) but it can also get quite messy. Nowadays, I use my trusty Real Techniques Pointy Foundation Brush, which in face is from their Core Collection Kit.

I’m not saying you must use this brush, but any flat foundation brush will do the trick. Applying face masks with is mess free and it also gives you an even application, making sure that your beloved face masks don’t go to waste – hurrah! It’s a win, win situations really. I guess you could say that a good ol’ foundation brush is a face masks best friend 🙂

How do you apply your face mask?