What To Do With Greasy Hair.


I guess you could say that I’ve always struggled with ‘greasy’/’oily’ hair. I’m not sure if it’s because of the amount of hair, and possibly even me touching it all the time. Growing up, I always struggled with not knowing what on earth to do with it when things got a little too shiny (in a bad way) during the week. Over the years I’ve really found some quick and easy ways to disguise the grease & in comes ‘The Greasy Hair Tutorial‘ to save the day!

Of course, dry shampoo is always an option but I wanted to share 5 really simple ways to do your hair when it’s looking a little to greasy to keep it down. Whether it’s not having enough time in the morning to give it a wash (and then oviously sorting it out!) or if you’re just feeling too lazy – we’ve all been there! I’m hoping that these 5 ways will inspire you to do your hair on those dreaded days. It’s also a super short tutorial, which I’m hoping goes down a treat!

If you have any greasy hair looks, then feel free to share below with the other reader of my blog ♥