Cheating The Roots.




I will be the first person to put my hands up and say that I have grey hairs. Big and bold statement to make, but I really do. I have had these little friends for quite a few years and they have progressively increased in number. It wasn’t till I discovered Color Wow, I felt like I had to upkeep my hair dying. Color Wow Root Cover Up has become my hair saviour!

For the days I see a pesky little grey or whites coming through in my roots, all I need to do is pop some of this onto my hair and boom, I’m good to go! The eyeshadow-like pigment has a shimmery finish and blends into the hair so seamlessly without leaving any residue behind. I find the shimmery finish helps it look super natural on your roots too. It’s also mess free and so quick and easy to do. In between colours, this is my go to to ensure my hair is looking fresh like it was done about a week ago 😉

Color Wow Root Cover Up £28.50 HERE




  • BerryBloomXO

    This is a good idea! It’s quite embarrassing when people see the grey hair, more specifically when they point it off! Whoops!

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  • Ooh, definitely have to try this! The touch up spray by Rita Hazan is really good too.

  • disqus_Qn0a7zJc90

    Was just thinking about how I’m do for a color touch up. I have pesky little grey hairs in the front of my face and it’s not practical to make an appointment at the hair dresser every couple of weeks.l I’ve been using a stick cover up, but it leaves this gross gel like residue. Also, have the spray but can’t put fingers through hair with this either. I will have to try this. For a lot of your local products that we don’t have here in the US, like make up revolution. What site do you recommend for buying products?Thanks!

  • Hah, that is genius!

  • Tiffany Nisbet

    I too have greys- think its the indian gene in me 🙁 xx