Some Shower Faves.




I have some what become obsessed with shower products in the past few weeks. There is just something so exhilarating about coming out of the shower feeling and smelling great – or is that just me? There have been 3 stand out products for me as of recent which I had to get up on my blog and share with you all, because sharing is caring.

Original Source Raspberry and Cocoa shower gel £1* available HERE
(*Currently on offer for £1 at Boots!)
First, is this scrumptious shower gel. I’ve always lathered these on when I stay at my brothers – the lime one in particular which resides in their guest bathroom that smells dee-vine. But it was when I read COCOA on this bottle that I quickly popped one into my shopping basket. There’s something about chocolate that just gets me, every time. If you’re a fan of chocolate and berries, then this is just for your. But you better stock up as it’s sadly limited edition.

Buffy body butter from LUSH £11.49 200g available HERE
I love anything that will save me time in the morning. One step I love and loathe is moisturising, so anything that is a quick fix, I’m totally down for. This is my second bar of Buffy body butter and I can safely say that I’m hooked. This bar is jam packed with cocoa butter and shea butter. However, it not only moisturises your skin but also gives you some slight exfoliation due to the ground almonds in it. This is generally a shop which I walk past but I’ve gotta stay, I’ve started to adore LUSH products ♥

Rituals Hammam Hot Scrub £19.50 available HERE
This is more of an indulgent product but if you watch my YouTube channel, then you will know that I have recently become obsessed with eucalyptus! I try not to use this every day but it’s just a gorgeous scent and product, that sometimes I just can’t resist it. The combination of salt scrub with the eucalyptus scent is perfect at waking you up and leaving your skin smooth and energised, ready to tackle any day. You can read my review about this range HERE.

So, over to you guys. What shower products have you been loving recently?
What is your favourite LUSH product?