Sunday Beauty Steal #4




If you watch my YouTube videos, then you probably saw this posting coming from a mile away! I’m actually surprised myself that I didn’t feature this £1 contour I use as my first SBS. Nevertheless, I’m here today on this gloomy Sunday to brighten it up with this beauty steal that I used from Makeup Revolution in the shade ‘Delicious’ as my beloved contour.

I’m a gal that loves a bit of contour, I like giving my chubby cheeks some sort of structure. Personally, I love a cooler contour shade – this helps my cheeks and contour in general look less muddy. However, I do like going over my contour with a bit of bronzer just to warm it up slightly!

When I saw this shade in my local Superdrug (and seeing it was only £1!) I had to pick it up to test it out. And let me tell you ladies, this is one heck of a contour shade. I must say, it’s not the best for the heavy handed but once you get the jist of it, it’s so easy to use and can pretty much knock the socks of many contour products and palettes out there.

It has a surprisingly creamy texture and I can imagine it looking great on the eyes! Me being me, I’ve only gone straight in with the contour business and am yet to let it work it’s magic on my eyes.

I like using this with either my Sigma E40 blending brush or Charlotte Tilbury Sculpt brush – the Sigma brush gives more of a thiner, precise contour where the CT Sculpt Brush gives it a more natural and effortlessly blended look.

Some of you may be thinking ‘but what’s happened to your favourite Crushed Walnut contour by Natural Collection!?’. I do love that shade dearly, but this little guy is just hitting all the right buttons for me. A large pan to get as much or little product as needed, the £1 price tag, a cool toned brown, worldwide delivery on their website and generally a kick-ass contour product!

Makeup Revolution eyeshadow ‘Delicious’ is £1 and available HERE & HERE