Ram Leela Style Navratri/Garba Makeup

Deepika Padukone Ram Leela Makeup Tutorial

That season is here for most Hindu’s who will be celebrating Navratri. For those who don’t know what Navratri is, it’s one of the greatest Hindu festivals! In a nut shell, it symbolises the triumph of good, over evil.  It generally takes place at the beginning of October (depending on the lunar calendar) and is celebrated for 9 nights (10, including Dussehra). It’s where we all get together, family, friends, everyone and dance to traditional folk songs. So, I had to do some Navratri/garba makeup tutorials, right?

It’s one of my favourite times of there year and takes me back to my childhood when I would go every single day with my dad (without fail). It’s also reminds me that that Diwali is just around the corner. I love this time of year, I just can’t wait to be with my family and FOOD!

I wanted to do a series of makeup looks which anyone would wear to this festival and thought what better way to kick things off then to do a Deepika Padukone inspired makeup look from the movie Ram Leela – primarily the song Nagada Sang Dhol which I will leave a link to HERE (it’s totally one of my favourite Bollywood songs too!). Now enough of me chatting and let’s get straight over to the tutorial…