Monday Blues.


Monday, what a weird and wonderful day you are. If anyone is experiencing Monday blues, then your at the right place. Over the weekend, I decided to give myself a very long overdue at-home-D-I-Y manicure. I wanted to go for something different and that would brighten up my day with a bold-bang. In came to the rescue, Batbano Blue by Sally Hansen.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Colour £6.99 available HERE

As soon as I saw this shade, it had to be mine. I don’t own anything quite like it. I don’t tent to wear blues much, but this royal blue with a hint of shimmer is in a league of its own. I believe it is from their Spring 2014 collection, and looks like Superdrug are still stocking this online. It’s my first time trying out Sally Hansen polishes, I’m 4 days in and I’m virtually chip free(!)


The bottle and grip on the cap are two things I love about the polish. You get a whopping 14.7ml which is much larger than the other polishes out there, especially in the drugstores. I think it’s fair to say that Sally Hansen may have stole my heart with this polish. Next time your at a Sally Hansen nail polish display, please think of me and have a good look around 😉