YouTube | Vlog: Chit Chat + Update

By | December 27, 2013

Knock knock… Guess who’s baaack? Please bear with me as I’m still getting into the groove of things.

Can’t believe how much I’ve missed this – I promise I’ll get better with my filming… this was really bad! Lots more to come :)


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  • Sonia

    I would love to see your favourite products of the month or months, considering you have been away for a while! :)
    Cant wait for more posts!

    • Kaushal

      Great idea, thank you :)

  • Mandy

    Some ideas:

    -tutorials: cat eye/bronzing
    -what’s in my handbag
    -hair care/fav spoo&cond/styling
    -fav drugstore products

    • Kaushal

      Love the suggestions :) Thank you!

  • Film

    - what’s in my bag tag :)
    - products you can’t live without from each categories
    - what’s in my makeup bag

    hope this helps! x

    • Kaushal

      Thank you for the suggestions! x