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Hi my gems, how are you all doing? I’ve been very bad at blogging and YouTube-ing recently (doesn’t help with being ill in the slightest!). But I’m slowly getting better and less bunged up – high five to that! I thought I’d show you my current nail polish storage as it’s just too pretty to keep to myself! Please excuse the shoddy iPhone pictures, I was in a rush today and didn’t manage to take any fancy snaps from my DSLR.

Storage - Nail Polish Joules 3 Drawer Stationary 01

3 Drawer Stationary Storage from Joules £20 available HERE.

I’ve been looking for the perfect drawers to store my polishes in for a very long time and it’s not until I spotted this absolute beauty a few weeks ago. It’s got the most beautiful floral pattern on it, sure enough to brighten anyones day (let alone their nails) ;)

Storage - Nail Polish Joules 3 Drawer Stationary 02

The drawers themselves are super sturdy for something which is made from thick cardboard and not to mention great quality. I love the little detailing of the fabric tabs, how adorable are they?

Storage - Nail Polish Joules 3 Drawer Stationary 03

Here’s a quick run down of what’s stored in the drawers. I think this shows just how much of a huge ORLY fan I am! :oops:

Storage - Nail Polish Joules 3 Drawer Stationary 04

On the top drawer I keep all of my pinks, corals, peaches and nail treatments in. These are the colours I tend to wear more of, hence getting first dibs in here.

Storage - Nail Polish Joules 3 Drawer Stationary 05

The second drawer holds some blues, greens, purples, blacks and nudes. This has a great mix of colours that I can wear pretty much any time of the year :)

Storage - Nail Polish Joules 3 Drawer Stationary 06

In the last draw I keep all of my glitters and then random selection of other colours and brands. It’s a bit of a mix-match but a very sparkly and beautiful mix-match none-the-less! The drawers tend to hold about 25/27 ORLY polishes, which is the biggest bottle out there, holding a whopping 18ml! I would say the drawers can hold up to around 30-35 polishes, which is a lot of nail painting goodness :)

Storage - Nail Polish Joules 3 Drawer Stationary 07

Great thing about these drawers is that I can pop bits on the top. Here I keep majority of the things I use for a manicure – base coat, top coat, quick dry drops, cuticle and hand cream, cuticle tools, nail files, the amazing Bourjois nail polish remover and a few polishes that I’m currently loving :)

The stationary by Joules is just so, SO pretty (I even grabbed myself a gorgeous floral notepad for work)! Have you checked out the Joules stationary section before? You can see most of their stationary bits by clicking HERE.

How do you store your nail polishes? I’d love to know :)

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  • Petra

    This is beautiful! I am still looking for something to store nail varnishes. This drawers are totally my style with those flowers but I am looking for something like this where polishes will stand up. I don’t like them to lay down as they do now in my old box with polishes :D

    • Kaushal

      Thanks, Petra :) I’m sure you’d be able to use this for makeup as well x

  • Jas

    This is a lovely way to store nail varnish! We can tell that you really like Orly! :) xx

    • Kaushal

      Aw, thanks Jas! x

  • Nisha

    The drawers are so pretty!! i used to have similar drawers for my makeup but they were on the way out. I just pop all my nail polishes into plastic drawers ive got but i need better storage x

    • Kaushal

      I used to store mine in boxes but got so annoying! Well, I hope this gave you some help for your storage :) x