7 Deadly Beauty Sins.

Happy Sunday everyone :) I hope you’re having a good weekend… only one more month till Christmas – yippee!! Just a quick update to let you all know that I’ve uploaded a new video about my 7 Deadly Beauty Sins. I’ve featured lots of products in it as well (Even though it is a tag!). I hope you guys all like it :)


P.S – Thank you Ruby for tagging me & super sorry it took so long! LOL


  • http://honbon.blogspot.com Safiyya

    OMG! You’re such a video person! Clear voice, easy talker and sooo pretty!

    • Kaushal

      Hi Safiyya, thank so much!

  • Kristy

    Glad you’re finally posting youtube! What nail color are you wearing? Looks like a pretty nude color and I’ve been looking for something like that

    • Kaushal

      Hi Kristy – thanks for the comment :) I’m wearing Frenzy by Chanel… Gorgeous colour but chips very easily!

  • Sheena

    Chanel pact! We need to start properly saving..we will have one ;) x

    • Kaushal

      LOL, let’s change the date to 2013 ;) x