Christmas with Illamasqua.

Evening my lovelies. Hope you’re all doing well? Last week I got sent a lovely little package from Illamasqua which I’ve been trying out for the past few days & thought I’d share. They are bringing out LOTS of fun & new Christmas gifts this year which I’m super looking forward to. I always say that you can never go wrong with getting your mum, sister, cousin, friend or girlfriend some make-up & Illamasqua have made it just that little bit easier for those that are stuck on what to buy (BIG thanks to the Illamasqua peeps). Some of their new Christmas gifts include:

  • Limited Edition Lipstick & Brush Set for £85
  • Lip Palette for £34
  • Lip Twin Set for £26
  • Nail Duo Set for £24
  • Freak Perfume Gift Set for £80
  • & last but not least…  Powder Blusher Duo Compact* for £34

This was the first Illamasqua powder blush that I have tried out. They never fail to disappoint me when it comes to pigmentation, meaning that this little gem also hits the spot! It’s quite nice that you get 2 blushers in this duo pack, a bright pink for the night & light peach for the day time.

I LOVE the names Illamasqua give to their products! That would be a great job… to name make-up! I could do it all day long :)

They are quite powdery but are gorgeous shades. I don’t quite have a pink like this & would have never in a million years picked up a peachy shade like ‘Lover’ but it’s become one of my favourites! It looks so lovely on the skin – not too much & not too little. I reckon it’s the perfect shade for those who are venturing into wearing blushers :) Would I have necessarily picked this up? Probably not, but I’m so glad I’ve got it now as I get to share it on with you!

I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on the lip palette as I’m obsessed with lip products! Their Christmas gifts are out to buy for loved ones NOW :) You can see them all by clicking HERE.

Have you tried Illamasqua products before? What are your favourites? If not, will you be trying anything out in the near future?



*This product was sent to me. 100% honest views, as always!


  • Taylor

    This duo is a stunner! Illamasqua is so incredibly pigmented, I love it!

    • Kaushal

      Thanks hun, isn’t it just!?

  • Carly

    Love this, I have ‘Lover’ beautiful isn’t it!

    • Kaushal

      I’m very impressed with their blushers – although I really want to try their cream blushers now as well :)

  • Selina

    This duo compact looks fab! I have been avoiding going to Illamasqua, as i lose complete control when i am there! Now, i have seen this blog post, and i’m going to have to go there to get one of these!!! ;)

    • Kaushal

      They are great! I still want to try their cream blushers :D