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Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing? I hope you’re all well. Today I’m here with a review on the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers. I’ve always been sceptical about heated rollers because my hair is just so darn thick that I have this feeling that they wouldn’t do much to my hair… But to my surprise these heated rollers by Enrapture are BRILLIANT to say the least!

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers* RRP: £74.99
Stockists can be found HERE.

You get 20 rollers, in 2 difference sizes – I use the larger rollers on my longer, thicker sections (bottom half of my head) & the smaller rollers in the thinner parts of my hair (the top half). Considering how much hair I have, I’ve NEVER been left short of the rollers.

These heated rollers have a velvety feel to them & all come with individual clips which makes securing these super easy. The all fit into grooves in the base of the product – this fits into the slit in each roller, heating it up from the inside. You have to be careful that you don’t touch either end, because it can get VERY HOT!

The digital dial lets you know when they are ready & heated. One thing I don’t like about this is that if you keep it on whilst you’re putting them in your hair, the rollers get hotter & therefore curl the latter rolls more than the first. I wish Enrapture sort this so that the heat setting stays at the same heat (& not messing up the flow of curls).

They’re super easy to put in once you know what you’re doing. I think if you have really long hair then you may need some help to put them in. I tend to section them differently (depending on how much time I have to do my hair LOL).

This is what it looks like when I take the rollers out without any product & without touching them really. They are VERY defined & VERY curly! Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of how my hair looks without doing anything to them. However…

This is what it looks like when I’ve brushed through the curls & added a bit of hair oil & product to give it some ‘messy’ texture. I love doing my hair like this for Indian weddings – it’s just so glamorous isn’t it?!

Here’s a bit of a close up & different angle. I like to do this to my hair at night & literally sleep on it – it’s when they’ve calmed down a little & looks nice & wavy :) Overall, I’m very happy with these heated rollers. I think for the price it’s a little bit expensive but it’s a product that actually works in my hair. I have no doubt in my mind that if it works on my hair (which is beyond thick) it will work on pretty much everyone :)

Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday, dolls. Here’s to the 1st of October! Bring on the faux fur, hot chocolate & snuggles with the other half :)


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*This product was sent to me. 100% honest opinion as always!

My Beauty Gadgets.

Evening dolls. How are you all? I’ve just finished watching the X Factor (& bawled my eyes out at some points!). I know I haven’t blogged properly in ages but I’ve got lots of photographing to do for things I’ve been using & reviews I’ve got planned… I think I’ll have to do most of it on the weekends as the darker evenings are on their way. I thought I’d get a post up on my most loved beauty gadgets as these has been perking me up recently…

Clearasil PerfectaWash Dispenser RRP:£12.99 available from HERE.
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush* RRP:149.99 available from HERE.
Clarisonic Mia RRP: £120 available from HERE (currently on offer for £95!).

Clearasil PerfectaWash* - I tend to use this on my lazy days (the days where I forget/am too lazy to cleanse & tone). I’ve been using it on & off for a few months now & have to say that it’s a great little gadget. It fits next to the sink in my bathroom really well. It’s one of those fuss free, quick & easy ways to change your skincare routine. As for the product itself, I would say it’s the best but has definitely noticed my skin feeling refreshed & brighter when I use it. It gets a thumbs up for me & would recommend it to those who live a busy life & may not necessarily have enough time every morning/night to faff around with cleansers & toners.

Philips Sonicare DiamonClean Electric Toothbrush – believe it or not, this is the first proper electric toothbrush I have ever owned! I don’t know what I’d do without it now that I’ve started using it. I’ve noticed brighter pearly white teeth since using this. I LOVE the ways you can charge this; it can be done in either this gorgeous glass with a fitted charging base underneath it or in this cute little charging pod below (ideal for when you’re travelling)!

How cute is it? You can charge it via a USB port or even better, it works with my iPad/iPhone charger… I mean what more could you ask for with such a swanky toothbrush?!

Clarisonic Mia – This is what I use to give my skin a pick-me-up. I would describe it as a toothbrush for your skin LOL. It’s a little bit on the expensive side of things for something that you might not use everyday but I’m glad I have it. It give me a really good cleanse that a normal muslin cloth can’t give you. The first time I used this I really could feel all the blood rushing to the surface of my skin(?) – it makes me feeling that extra bit refreshed :)

I hope you liked this post :) I think I’m going to make my way to bed now (I feel like a right old granny these days!). What are your favourite beauty gadgets? Is there anything out there that I’m missing out on?



*This product was sent to me. 100% honest views as always!

Candy Store Winner…

Evening dolls. How are you all? I thought I’d do a quick update for those who don’t necessarily follow me on Facebook or Twitter about the winner of my Candy Store winner. So just to make this short & snappy… The winner is…


Congratulations! I hope you like the cosmetic pouch as much as I do :) look out for more little giveaways soon! Hope you’ve all had a lovely summer. I hope everyone has a good start to school, college, university & even to going back to work after holidays :)