What’s In My Make-up Bag.

Hey dolls. I hope you’re all enjoying the weather! I thought I’d do a what’s in my make-up bag blog post. I tend to basically keep stuff that’ll give me a pick-me-up throughout the day &/or things that are my favourites. I’m gonna get straight to it!

Candy Store Cosmetic Pouch RRP: £20 (currently on sale for £11!) available from HERE.

I have been using this make-up bag from Candy Store that I pop into my bag. It’s really fun, quirky & most important it’s SUPER BRIGHT! They come in a variety of different colours & because I love pink I had to get this one. It’s a smooth silicone bag which what drew me to it not to mention that it’s easy to clean. I do however feel really scared to put anything sharp/pointy inside just incase it rips… But other than that, I LOVE it! Here’s what I currently have in it…

Hoola bronzing powder by Benefit £23.50 available from HERE: My favourite contour powder. It’s always in my bag because it comes with its very own brush (which means one less thing for me to carry ;))

Head Over Heels cream blush by Topshop £6 available from HERE: its compact, with a great all year round colour that I can wear on my cheeks & lips!

Collection 2000 concealer £3.99 available from HERE: I like keeping this with me as it’s very thick so I can blend it into pretty much any area of my skin to look & feel refreshed!

YSL Touche Eclat #1 £25 available from HERE: Perfect as a highlighter. I have 2 of these which is why I always like keeping one on me at all times 🙂

YSL Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil is £19 available from HERE: A waterproof eye liner is a must! I don’t go anywhere without a waterproof eye liner in my day bag! This YSL one is pretty darn amazing, so creamy!

Volume Million Lashes by L’Oreal £9.35 available from HERE: I tend to have this in my make-up bag regardless of what I’m using on a daily basis as it’s an all round really good mascara that I can’t go wrong with!

Magic Ink liquid eyeliner by Benefit £14.50 available from HERE: This is the only ‘wet look’ liquid eye liner that I like! I keep it in my bag for the same reasons as the mascara.

Strawberry Tube of Carmex £2.55 available from HERE: I have Carmex everywhere! My handbag, car, bedside table, vanity area & even in some random bags. It’s the only lip balm that works for me.

Pink Carmex Moisture Plus £4.50 available from HERE: I’ve been obsessed with this for over a year now! It’s my favourite tinted lip balm around 🙂 You can read my full review HERE.

Overtime Pro Longwear Lipcreme by MAC £16.50 available from HERE: Over the recent few months, this has become one of my favourite pink lipsticks – this range has really grown on me & I love their creamy texture.

Blossom Culture Sheen Supreme by MAC £14.50 available from HERE: I got this a couple of months ago & it feels so lovely & light on my lips, pretty much like a tinted lip balm. I love pink & corals & this has become my favourite everyday coral lip sticks 🙂

The things in my bag aren’t necessarily things that I wear every day but I have a mixture of products that I love & products that I know I’ll need some days to perk me up! Sometimes it’s great for when I’m in a rush or for when I forget to put something like eye liner or mascara on. I also tend to have about 5 lipsticks in my bag, because I’m too lazy to take them out & for ‘just in case’ purposes!

Candy Store range £9 – £20 is available from HERE.

Here are the Candy Store bits that I own. They’re brilliant – I really am loving them recently. I can’t stress just how bright & amazing they are! My cousin showed me a great tip of how I can put a lipstick into the mirror. Have a look at the picture below 😉

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