What’s In My Make-up Bag.

Hey dolls. I hope you’re all enjoying the weather! I thought I’d do a what’s in my make-up bag blog post. I tend to basically keep stuff that’ll give me a pick-me-up throughout the day &/or things that are my favourites. I’m gonna get straight to it!

Candy Store Cosmetic Pouch RRP: £20 (currently on sale for £11!) available from HERE.

I have been using this make-up bag from Candy Store that I pop into my bag. It’s really fun, quirky & most important it’s SUPER BRIGHT! They come in a variety of different colours & because I love pink I had to get this one. It’s a smooth silicone bag which what drew me to it not to mention that it’s easy to clean. I do however feel really scared to put anything sharp/pointy inside just incase it rips… But other than that, I LOVE it! Here’s what I currently have in it…

Hoola bronzing powder by Benefit £23.50 available from HERE: My favourite contour powder. It’s always in my bag because it comes with its very own brush (which means one less thing for me to carry ;))

Head Over Heels cream blush by Topshop £6 available from HERE: its compact, with a great all year round colour that I can wear on my cheeks & lips!

Collection 2000 concealer £3.99 available from HERE: I like keeping this with me as it’s very thick so I can blend it into pretty much any area of my skin to look & feel refreshed!

YSL Touche Eclat #1 £25 available from HERE: Perfect as a highlighter. I have 2 of these which is why I always like keeping one on me at all times 🙂

YSL Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil is £19 available from HERE: A waterproof eye liner is a must! I don’t go anywhere without a waterproof eye liner in my day bag! This YSL one is pretty darn amazing, so creamy!

Volume Million Lashes by L’Oreal £9.35 available from HERE: I tend to have this in my make-up bag regardless of what I’m using on a daily basis as it’s an all round really good mascara that I can’t go wrong with!

Magic Ink liquid eyeliner by Benefit £14.50 available from HERE: This is the only ‘wet look’ liquid eye liner that I like! I keep it in my bag for the same reasons as the mascara.

Strawberry Tube of Carmex £2.55 available from HERE: I have Carmex everywhere! My handbag, car, bedside table, vanity area & even in some random bags. It’s the only lip balm that works for me.

Pink Carmex Moisture Plus £4.50 available from HERE: I’ve been obsessed with this for over a year now! It’s my favourite tinted lip balm around 🙂 You can read my full review HERE.

Overtime Pro Longwear Lipcreme by MAC £16.50 available from HERE: Over the recent few months, this has become one of my favourite pink lipsticks – this range has really grown on me & I love their creamy texture.

Blossom Culture Sheen Supreme by MAC £14.50 available from HERE: I got this a couple of months ago & it feels so lovely & light on my lips, pretty much like a tinted lip balm. I love pink & corals & this has become my favourite everyday coral lip sticks 🙂

The things in my bag aren’t necessarily things that I wear every day but I have a mixture of products that I love & products that I know I’ll need some days to perk me up! Sometimes it’s great for when I’m in a rush or for when I forget to put something like eye liner or mascara on. I also tend to have about 5 lipsticks in my bag, because I’m too lazy to take them out & for ‘just in case’ purposes!

Candy Store range £9 – £20 is available from HERE.

Here are the Candy Store bits that I own. They’re brilliant – I really am loving them recently. I can’t stress just how bright & amazing they are! My cousin showed me a great tip of how I can put a lipstick into the mirror. Have a look at the picture below 😉

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  • Salma Choudhury

    One product i can’t live with out is my Max factor X-pert liquid eyeliner, in deep black. This liquid eyeliner is amazing. 😀 It has a glossy black colour, and really opens my eyes. I can’t live with out this one beauty product, foe sure! 😀

  • Love this post, its always nice to be nosy in other people’s bags!

    You’ve sold the candy case to me, I want one now so I’m entering =)

    Name: Safiyah
    email: contact@frootibeauty.co.uk
    The one product I can’t live without is the Carmex strawberry too; its great for my lips and also sneakily use it for my cuticles too; plus it smells like strawberry nesquik, yum!


  • Laila

    Hi kaushal! i frequently read ur post! love goin thru em! The pouch is so unique! love the color! would love it if i won! my details are:

    Laila Babar


    The one product i absolutely cannot live without is BLUSH-ON’s!!!! i know most ppl use bronzer but im an ultimater blusher girl! i have high cheekbones as well so it suits me quite well and as iv got pale skin its a must whenever i step outside! makes me happy :))

    lots of love xoxo

  • Great post I love everything u carry in ur bag! Lovely bag&giveaway

    Please enter me
    Name: Sharon
    Email: rut-endo@live.co.uk
    One item I can’t live without is Vaseline lip therapy, I hate dry cracked lips!

  • Fati

    Name: fatima ezzahra ibnou fairouze
    Email: fairyatle-me@live.fr
    Hmm i guess i cant live without my blush, it’s like the first thing i put on when i wanna go out it’s a total most !

  • Katie

    I cannot live without my HD Brows kit… I have no idea what I did without it!!

    Fab blog by the way, and fab giveaway 🙂

    Katie Crompton

  • Ayesha Jassat

    I cannot live without my benefit they’re real mascara! It lengthens y lashes without even using any falsies! Best product ever and I highly recommend to everyone x

  • Full name: Anastasia Soldatos
    Email: anastasia.soldatos@hotmail.com
    One product: I think it has to be my LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub. I have horrible cry lips and this is the one thing I’ve found that really helps!

    Great giveaway! I ADORE orange and it looks perfect to slip into your bag 😀 xx

  • Amena

    Hi, Kaushal! Well done on your blog – I’m a relatively new reader but always enjoy reading your posts. My one fave item that I cannot dispense with is my carmex lip balm! I slather it on overnight and do lots of touch ups during the day. Love the stuff!
    My email is orders@pearl-daisy.com

  • Esha Amin

    Funnily enough, the one thing I can’t live without is something I’ve won on your blog! Carmex moisture plus! The pink one is my favourite one, but I love them all generally! I’m so glad I won them at the time, I can never look back!

    Thanks for yet another awesome giveaway 🙂 x

  • they are so cute!
    one product I can not live without is a good black eyeliner pencil. Its an absolute must for me!
    hareem wahaj


  • Fahima

    Name: Fahima Patel
    Email: faz_07@hotmail.co.uk
    Product: my collection 2000 concealer, it makes me look more human and less alienish, I have to mix 2 colours to get my shade but it’s so cheap I can afford to do that! X

  • Saloni Samant

    And it’s got to be MAC’s Fast Play Lipstick. It goes with absolutely everything and since I love playing up my eyes, its the perfect lipstick for a soft subtle finish.

  • Ami

    I can’t live without my bare minerals round the clock eyeliner in any colour! They’re all fab and eyeliner stops me from looking dead! Great giveaway btw! I needed a new make up bag!

    Name: Ami
    Email: amipatel358@googlemail.com

  • Emily Paterson

    The one product I really can’t live without is probably foundation, right now it’s Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream and YSL Touche Eclat foundation, both amazing products!!

    Emily Paterson

  • Phoolparee Shah

    Phoolparee Shah

    the one product i don’t think i could live without nowadays is the carmex cherry flavoured lip balm thing… coz its tastes great, smells amazing and is so smooth on the lips! an all round great product for the lips!

  • Sayeeda Begum

    Sayeeda Begum
    One product I can’t live without is my Collection 2000 concealer as I have dark eye bags and wearing this makes me feel confident to walk out the door with just this on 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway! Good post! I love the pouch and it’s unique!

  • Jenny Carmichael

    I cannot live without my MAC face and body foundation, perfect for a light coverage when there’s not enough time for a full face!

    Jenny Carmichael: j_c_123@hotmail.co.uk

  • I simply couldn’t live without Illamasqua’s medium pencil in the shade Rump.
    It’s the perfect eye brightener for the waterline!

    Thanks for the giveaway – I’ve Liked your Facebook page!

  • Josephine Luong

    Josephine Luong simplyjosey@gmail.com

    I could never live without mascara!

  • Ruby Morar

    Hello lovely

    Hmm one thing I cannot live without has to be my CARMEX!!! I actually start getting restless when I can’t find it.

    Hope you had a great dayxx

  • Jigna Lathia

    One product I can’t live without, my mac smoulder kohl eyeliner, it makes the eyes pop (obv in a good way) and its a must esp if your a desi girl! hehe 🙂 x

  • Sim

    I cannot live without my olay tinted moisturiser. ps. love reading your blog posts. x

  • Sandy Ferguson


    My benefit moisturiser.
    I need it so badly during the summer.

  • Jo

    One thing I could not live without is my Mac Eye Kohl in ‘Smolder’ wearing eye liner really makes a HUGE difference. Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve liked your Facebook page 🙂 xo

    Jo Choudrie- jo_choudrie@hotmail.com

  • I love that mirror, not too big but practical as well 🙂 Probably the one product I can’t live without it my Sonia Kashuk Concealer palette. It lasts a good while on me and has a great corrector in it (In fact if they sold the corrector alone it would be even better!). If I don’t use it it looks as if I haven’t slept at all, in fact some days I just wear concealer and no other makeup!

  • Tori Goodger

    These pouches are gorgeous!!
    I absolutely cannot live without my MAC Studio Fix powder because it just sets my make-up perfectly and leaves my skin so so soft 😀

    Name: Victoria Goodger
    Email Address: tori_goodger@hotmail.co.uk

  • Gemma Turner

    LOVE this giveaway! New follower, found your blog by voting for the Cosmo awards!

    I can’t choose just the one… it would have to be Rimmel Glam eyes black liquid eyeliner AND MAC Mineral Skin Finish! Both of them are amazing!!!

  • Nathalie Taylor

    I can’t live without my YSL’s Touche Eclat pen – works wonders xx

  • Verity Holden

    I cannot live without lip balm, I have dozens of them!! But more cosmetic-y I would have to say the touche elcat, it’s a staple that I have bought sooooo many times over, and I always have a couple of back ups just in case!

  • santhy

    Hi Kaushal,

    Great giveaway! I would love it if I won!

    Name: Santhy
    Email: santhy.b@gmail.com
    Product I couldn’t live without: Carmex peach tinted lip balm- keeps my lips hydrated, with just the right hint of colour. One swipe and I’m out of the door!

  • Fozia Nawaz

    I love this giveaway! Its so cute.
    Name: Fozia Nawaz
    Email: foznawaz@hotmail.co.uk
    One product I cannot live without is concealer. Mine is Collection 2000 and it’s just perfect for covering blemishes and makes my face look more soft and glowy!

  • Lauren

    My best product has got to be… Macs peachtwist powder blush! It gives you an amazing glow, has such a vibrant colour and lasts!

  • My fave product is sleek’s lipstick in barely there. It instantly brightens my complexion and it’s also cheap 🙂

  • Ramir

    Hi Kaushal! Always find your posts very helpful! Good going, girl! For me it has to be a black kohl pencil. I’ve been told it not only defines the eyes but also brightens up a face. 🙂