Recent-ish MAC haul.

A few weeks ago I went shopping & thought I’d pop over to MAC as I hadn’t been there or checked it out in actual ages! I knew I wanted to get a good concealer brush so I headed straight to a MAC MUA & got my hands on the 224 – a brush which is highly spoken about in both the e-world & ‘real’ world! On my way out I spotted an ombre blush but couldn’t be bothered to go back & all that malarky. So, you know the drill. I went home & ordered it… along with 2 extra lipsticks!

I never have any problems with using the MAC website, their shipping or customer service which is a plus when shopping online. I actually forgot the feeling of buying MAC products because I hadn’t done it since last summer! It felt so good getting these 🙂 I got the following:

  • 244 Tapered Blending/Concealer Brush £22 HERE
  • Azalea Blossom (limited edition) £20.50 HERE
  • Overtime Pro Longwear Lipcreme £16.50 HERE
  • Good To Go Pro Longwear Lipcreme £16.50 HERE

This is the beautiful Azalea Blossom blush. It’s from the Daphne Guinnes collection – it was also released last year in the Spring Colour Forecast. I’m SO glad I got my hands on this as I didn’t manage to get a hold of this last year 🙂 It’s got a lovely lilac tone with a hint of shimmer which you can’t detect on your cheeks. It gives my cheeks a perfect pink flush of colour. Great for everyday wear but with LE products I always feel like I can’t use them too much in case I can never get a hold of them again!

Here are some swatches. As you can see, Azalea Blossom is a gorgeous colour. I’m sure it’s easily dupeable but I love having an ‘OMBRE‘ blush 🙂

‘Overtime’ & ‘Good To Go’ were the two Pro Longwear Lipcremes I picked up purely because I was intrigued to try them. I do love pinks & red-orange colours which is why I picked these. They are really nice, colour wise, with great colour pay off in just one layer! They have almost a semi-silk-matte finish with quite a soft, smooth feel to your lips but tend to feel a little on the dry side after a few hours.

They are £3 more expensive than the usual MAC lipsticks. They last roughly 6 hours on me before wearing off, which is fairly long. If I don’t eat or drink as much throughout the day I’m sure they’d last longer! The colours aren’t anything special, I’m sure you can get normal MAC lip sticks with a very similar finish.

Would I buy the Pro Longwear Lipcremes again? My answer is MAYBE! Depends what I feel like with it on, what it looks like on & if it’s a colour that MAC don’t do in their lipstick range. If you’re after a MAC lipstick which lasts longer & don’t mind spending the extra £3, these are your best bet!

Last but not least I finally got my hands on the 224. A full review & comparison coming soon 🙂

Have you lovelies bought anything from MAC recently? I caved in & bought 2 more lipsticks 😳 which I’ll be blogging about very soon!


  • Kuki

    Love my 224…’S! I have 3 of them!ha! But I am a concealoholic so I must be forgiven! I think its such a nifty little brush but terrible if your concealer is a pot type one (studio finish or studio sculpt type) as it leaves those ugly furs everywhere!
    Have you tried the Sheen Supremes? I love my Bare again and this is coming from a hardcore matte lipstick lover! Theyre more reasonable priced too at £13.50.
    I wish I was like you and didn’t buy MAC for months, but unfortunately I buy something almost every week! I am SOOO embarrassed to admit that. I have an addiction and half the time, I dont even use the stuff or forget that I already have it!LOL! This is the point when I need to be admitted to The Priory!

    • Kaushal

      I agree! Not so great for a pot concealer! I’ve never tried that – you gotta tell me more about it! LOL I wish I could buy MAC all the time… I just feel like I should save more than I spend these days! x