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Viva Glam Nicki.

Evening ladies. How are you all doing? I thought I’d do a quick review/swatch post on the new VIVA GLAM NICKI MINAJ lipstick by MAC! I’ve been through a big MAC phrase recently, which I’m not regretting one bit!

RRP £13.50 from HERE

If you’re not aware, 100% of the £13.50 for the Viva Glam lipsticks by MAC go towards the MAC Aids Fund :) You definitely do get a great feeling after buying one of these! The packaging is slightly different to their normal lipsticks – the sliver is swapped for a lovely red.

The lipstick has a beautiful satin finish & is very pigmented. With one swipe on the lips will give you lots of colour! Here’s a SWATCH below…

It’s very bright in colour, which I personally love. It does, however, stain your lips. I actually got a lovely compliment of my stained lips after wearing this, so I guess it can’t be a bad thing ;)

A gorgeous colour for the Spring/Summer season coming up. As with all MAC lipsticks, I find that they can feel slightly dry after a handful of hours. This is why I always make sure that my lips are prepped with my favourite CARMEX lip balm before putting this on.

Here is a swatch of it in comparison to Pink Friday, which was a limited edition lipstick created by Miss Minaj herself. You can see my review HERE. As you can see, Viva Glam Nicki is a very creamy yet bright pink compared to the less wearable, blue-pink toned Pink Friday!

I’ve got Nicki & Gaga’s Viva Glam lipsticks. Have you tried any Viva Glam lipsticks before? Will you be picking this one up? Or giving it a miss?


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I will send items out as soon as I can, once I’ve recieved the money. Happy shopping! :)

My Morning Saviour!

Evening my lovelies! Extremely sorry for the lack of blogging – my life seems to have taken over everything at the moment… but fear not. I’m back today to share one of my morning saviours with you all.

I’m the kind of person who likes to get ready in a jiffy. My clothes, hair & face tends to be ready in about 20 minutes, flat! Ever since finishing uni & starting work my hair has probably taken a huge back seat. I remember back in the day when it used to be perfect, straight, with lovely serum, a tamed fringe and what not. If you know me then you know that I have SUPER THICK hair, which is wavy & a little frizzy, a pain to wash, a pain to dry, a pain to straighten… You catch my drift? As years have gone by, I’ve become lazy! 

RRP: £2.99 for Cherry* 200ml
£4.99 for Blush 400ml
From Boots HERE.

Behold… Batise’s dry shampoo! It’s for my lazy days (practically every morning) when I don’t want to wash my mane but want to keep it looking GREASE-FREE. I liberally spray this into the roots of my hair & brush it through, simples!

I’ve been using this for a good year or so. I used to use TRESemme but have found that Batise is definitely the way forward! You totally get your moneys worth & is perfect for any of you dolls out there with thick hair like mine and go through cans & cans of these in a year! I tend to stock up on these when Boots have any offers running.

Blush has got to be my ultimate favourite, the smell & the size are spot on. However, the lovely PR team sent me a sample of their new Cherry scent & oh my golly gosh, is smells gorgeous! I haven’t seen this in the bigger bottle but if/when it is released I know I’ll have both of them on the go depending on my mood ;)

Have you tried Batise before? What’s your favourite scent? I would love for them to bring out a peach scent!! What about you dolls?

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. 100% honest review as always!


Watch Me Simmer.

Afternoon ladies. I come with a lipstick review! It’s from the new Shop MAC Cook MAC collection. It’s called ‘Watch me Simmer’.

RRP: £13.50

I love a bit of quirky packaging. Kind of a bummer that the packaging of the lipstick itself from this collection is nothing special.

I’m a huge fan of coral & pink lipsticks which is why I opted for this. It’s a beautiful pink with coral undertones… It totally screamed my name :)

It’s highly pigmented, which is a plus as some lipsticks don’t have a great colour pay off. I love the amplified finishes by MAC.

I’ve worn it a fair few times & absolutely love it, however it does stain my lips. Which is kind of a good thing if you’re on a night out or if you’re wearing it for a celebration. I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison between some other of my MAC lipsticks in case you wanna know what it’s like beside similar colours.

‘Ever Hip’ has to be one of my favourite lip sticks for summer! If you’ve missed out on getting ‘Watch me Simmer’ then personally I think ‘Vegas Volt’ is your best bet. Is more of a coral with orange undertones but works better as a dupe compared to ‘Costa Chic’.

Did anyone pick anything up from this collection? I’m annoyed at myself for not getting ‘Innocence Beware’ into my lipstick collection!


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Recent-ish MAC haul.

A few weeks ago I went shopping & thought I’d pop over to MAC as I hadn’t been there or checked it out in actual ages! I knew I wanted to get a good concealer brush so I headed straight to a MAC MUA & got my hands on the 224 – a brush which is highly spoken about in both the e-world & ‘real’ world! On my way out I spotted an ombre blush but couldn’t be bothered to go back & all that malarky. So, you know the drill. I went home & ordered it… along with 2 extra lipsticks!

I never have any problems with using the MAC website, their shipping or customer service which is a plus when shopping online. I actually forgot the feeling of buying MAC products because I hadn’t done it since last summer! It felt so good getting these :) I got the following:

  • 244 Tapered Blending/Concealer Brush £22 HERE
  • Azalea Blossom (limited edition) £20.50 HERE
  • Overtime Pro Longwear Lipcreme £16.50 HERE
  • Good To Go Pro Longwear Lipcreme £16.50 HERE

This is the beautiful Azalea Blossom blush. It’s from the Daphne Guinnes collection – it was also released last year in the Spring Colour Forecast. I’m SO glad I got my hands on this as I didn’t manage to get a hold of this last year :) It’s got a lovely lilac tone with a hint of shimmer which you can’t detect on your cheeks. It gives my cheeks a perfect pink flush of colour. Great for everyday wear but with LE products I always feel like I can’t use them too much in case I can never get a hold of them again!

Here are some swatches. As you can see, Azalea Blossom is a gorgeous colour. I’m sure it’s easily dupeable but I love having an ‘OMBRE‘ blush :)

‘Overtime’ & ‘Good To Go’ were the two Pro Longwear Lipcremes I picked up purely because I was intrigued to try them. I do love pinks & red-orange colours which is why I picked these. They are really nice, colour wise, with great colour pay off in just one layer! They have almost a semi-silk-matte finish with quite a soft, smooth feel to your lips but tend to feel a little on the dry side after a few hours.

They are £3 more expensive than the usual MAC lipsticks. They last roughly 6 hours on me before wearing off, which is fairly long. If I don’t eat or drink as much throughout the day I’m sure they’d last longer! The colours aren’t anything special, I’m sure you can get normal MAC lip sticks with a very similar finish.

Would I buy the Pro Longwear Lipcremes again? My answer is MAYBE! Depends what I feel like with it on, what it looks like on & if it’s a colour that MAC don’t do in their lipstick range. If you’re after a MAC lipstick which lasts longer & don’t mind spending the extra £3, these are your best bet!

Last but not least I finally got my hands on the 224. A full review & comparison coming soon :)

Have you lovelies bought anything from MAC recently? I caved in & bought 2 more lipsticks :oops: which I’ll be blogging about very soon!

Wahanda winner!

Hi my lovelies. I’ve just popped onto my laptop to write up some blog posts, ready for the next week or, so & thought I’d quickly announce the winner of the Wahanda £50 voucher giveaway. The winner is…


I’ve emailed you with all the details… I hope you enjoy your Spa day :) I’d like to thank everyone that entered & a big thank you to the Wahanda team for making this giveaway possible :) You’re all super stars! I’ll be having more giveaways soon to all you lovely readers.

My Google Friend Connect has gone so I’d just like to remind you to either follow my blog via Facebook (HERE), Bloglovin’ (HERE). Thank you dolls :)