BECCA Beach Tint.

By | February 9, 2012

Evenin’ ladies! How are you all doing? I’m absolutely dreading the snow that’s gonna fall tonight. If you know me you’ll know that I hate the stuff with passion. Today, I’ve got a quick review of a product from BECCA. I had heard really good things about the brand but had never tried anything from them before. The lovely ladies from BECCA asked me if I would like to try & review one of their Beach Tints out. Since last summer, I’ve been keeping an eye out for lots of cream & cheek tints because I find that they last much longer.

BECCA Beach Tint in ‘Strawberry’ – RRP: £20 available from HERE

Firstly, I think the price point for this lip & cheek stain is slightly too high for a 7ml product. By paying around £4 more, you can get 12.5ml of Benefit’s lip & cheek stains. Saying that, these BECCA Beach Tints come in 7 different colours AND are scented! I absolutely love scented make-up. Why can’t all make-up be scented? The packaging is nice & is easy to apply. I think if you’re not used to these kind of products you might find it hard to blend but you get used to it.

The product is SUPER PIGMENTED! Which means the 7ml will last you quite a while. It smells amazing which is why I liked wearing it on my lips as I could make use of the strawberry goodness! I’m more of a pink blusher wearer myself so was interested to see how it would look on my cheeks.

This is what it looks like on. It’s a gorgeous red with orange undertones! I would never have picked up this kind of colour for  my cheeks but after trying this I’ve decided to try more blush colours. It stays on my cheeks all day long. I’ve worn it for a week, every day from about 8/9 in the morning till 8/9 in the evening & it doesn’t budge. It’s also WATER RESISTANT which would make it the perfect product for when you’re on holiday.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing it alone on your lips as it can be very drying. But, I wore it with a bit of Carmex underneath & surprisingly it lasted me a good 6 hours! Personally, I’d leave this for my cheeks.

Would I buy this? If it wasn’t for their beautiful scents, I probably wouldn’t. But saying that, I’m eyeing up the guava, grapefruit & watermelon shades/flavours!! How could I resist?! I would recommend it to those who want a blush/cheek tint to last them all day long, who don’t mind spending £20.

After being introduced to BECCA, I’ve had a good look through their make-up range & am eager to try their concealers & ‘Shimmering Skin Perfector’ – it sounds & looks diving!

If you’re interested in trying BECCA’s Beach Tints they’ve currently got this shade on OFFER (with 20% off!). All you need to do is enter the promo code BBE20 at checkout on the BECCA website. You can find the Beach Tints HERE.

Have you tried any BECCA products before? Is there anything you’d recommend? What do you think about scented make-up? Love or loathe? Ciao for now dolls :)

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. 100% honest review as always!

  • Vonnie

    oh oh oh, pretty! i haven’t tried becca products

    • Kaushal

      I really want to try some more products! x

  • surbhi

    Hi, Love. GFC is leaving non-blogger blogs in March. Check out linky followers or networked blogs to make sure people still follow you. Love your shadow, by the way.

    • Kaushal

      Hi my lovely! Thank you!! I’m going to do a post on it soon so people can still keep up to date :) miss you!! x

  • Louise

    I have the Watermelon Tint, and really like it. a little goes a long way! Love the scent x

    • Kaushal

      I’m gonna do some swatch searches :D x

  • Parveen

    I love Becca products. I have some of the eyeshadows, jewel dusts and the Skin Perfector! I bought this Beach tint last summer but have yet to wear it. Have to say it looks amazing on you hun!! :) x

    • Kaushal

      Ooooh, I’ll have to check out some of the bits you’ve mentioned! Thanks, doll :)

  • Shaz

    Your so beautiful! I really want to get my rook peirced too, does it hurt?

    • Kaushal

      Thank you, doll. It hurt a bit for me but everyone’s pain threshold is different – so it could hurt you more or less than me? LOL sorry, it isn’t very helpful!

    • Kuki

      yep i agree! she’s beauutttiful!

      you can buy lidocaine/lignocaine (local anaesthetic) and numb it first if you are too scared. but it doesn’t really hurt, hurt… more of a “hot, throbbing feeling” is how I’d describe it as.

      • Kaushal

        LOL, you’re the beautiful one! That’s definitely a good way to describe it, but mine only did that the first day & then after that I was fine, hehe x

  • Kuki

    This colour is RIGHT up my street! Would look fab on a tan! I want this. I think Becca as a brand is fab, although a bit too pricey! You should definately check them out in real life. P.S The skin perfector is fab! x

    • Kaushal

      Yes – amazing on holiday! Definitely, I really do need to try out some of their other products x