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Up your VIVO?

Okay, weird title of the post aside… How is everyone?! I’ve had a busy, busy week & have just managed to get myself some blogging time. I’ve ate out 3 days in a row & I feel kind of sick. I think it’s time to start eating healthy from tomorrow. So, on Friday night I met up with one of my friends for dinner & then decided to dye her hair darker. As you do, I went to Tesco with her & managed to walk out with £20 worth of shopping. I grabbed myself some VIVO cosmetics which I’m gonna share with you now!

Initially, I was just going to try the eye shaddows as they were on offer (two for £2!) but I couldn’t resist their cheek products & bronzers. Trying to limit myself as much as I could, I walked away with 5 little bits :)

Eye Shaddow £1.50
Baked Blush £4

The eye shadows are SUPER pigmented but also at the same time, they are very soft. Not sure if that’s actually a good thing. However, I can’t wait to try these out alone on my eyes & smoked out. I’m sure they’ll look great & with some Urban Decay Primer Potion, they won’t budge. The blush is a pretty pink which is something I’d be able to wear for a flush of colour on a daily basis. One of my favourite blushes is ELF’s Candid Coral but I’ve hit the pan on it so this will definitely replace it.

Mink looks VERY similar to my Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire so if anyone is out for a dupe, this is fraction of the price. Overall, I am happy with these products.

Baked Bronze £5

I then picked up two of their Baked Bronzers. You get a heck of a lot of product for the price you pay. The dome shaped finish means you get EXTRA product into the packaging which I’m not gonna complain about :) I’ve worn Shade 3 aka ‘Healthy Glow’ for the past two days as a highlight & I have been loving it. You do need to give it a few strokes onto your face for it to show (I like a lot of highlight on my cheeks) but depends for what kind of look you go for.

I only got Sun Kissed as I thought it would look great on a tan but can’t see myself wearing it much on a normal day? However, I’m still happy with the colour & finish as a whole for the products.

I don’t think I’d travel with these as the packaging is a bit naff. I’m not a fan of clear plastic packaging… I LOVE packaging, these don’t do it for me in that respect. However, if you’re after some quick beauty fixes without breaking the bank, VIVO is definitely a brand to check out at your local Tesco.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend :)

My recent little haul.

Hi all my lovely ladies. Hope you’re all having a good weekend. At the end of last year I ended up splurging on some bits & bobs which I thought I’d share with you. They were mostly lip products (yes, I’m a full blown addict of them!) but there’s a couple of eye products too.

Clarins Lip Perfector 01 & 03 £15 each

I got these from John Lewis when there was a 20% event one weekend. I had heard good things about these & because of the discount I thought I’d get myself two; a pink & nude. They are Clarins Lip Perfectors. I’d say they are more of a tinted gloss than a balm as they are slightly sticky – but not in a bad way. I love the way they leave my lips feeling soft with a hint of tint. The slanted, spongy applicator is quite amazing, too. If you don’t mind spending more on a tinted lip product, these are VERY good!

You can probably see a PINK theme going with the lip products. I’m not going to bang on about how amazing the OCC Lip Tars are but you can read about them HERE or HERE.

Tom Ford Lipstick £36

Now onto this little lipstick bullet of HEAVEN! This was a leaving present from my old job – they know me too well! (P.S – I miss you, team!!) I had been lusting for one of these for months & when ‘Wild Ginger’ landed in my lap I couldn’t wait to try it. I officially want to own them all. They are so incredibly, luxurious, creamy & smooth with a glossy & lasting finish… These have officially beat my love for YSL Rouge Voluptes!

Here’s what it looks like on. AMAZING colour, one that I’ve wanted for a while. It definitely hit the nail on the head. I’d just like to add that this is without a gloss on top! There is a hefty price tag of £36 with this lipstick & you don’t get much of it… Something which I’m still trying to tell my self is ‘OK’ :oops:

YSL Touche Éclat 01 £25

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the wonder of YSL’s Touche Éclat. After debating whether or not to get this, I took advantage of the 20% discount that was in store & got it. It’s lovely & light for my under eyes – PERFECT for everyday wear! I find that it creases slightly on me throughout the day though.

Not only does this brighten my eyes but I love using this to highlight – my brows more than cheekbones. It looks GREAT in pictures too :)

YSL Shocking Mascara £23

 I promise you I didn’t go to the YSL counter to get this but as soon as I saw it I had to get my hands on it. I am a SUCKER for all YSL packaging… Well, packaging in general. I’ve never tried YSL mascaras so seeing as this is their newly launched, I went with this. However, I have had heard good things about YSL Faux Cils.

The wand isn’t anything special & usually gets a lot of product on it. I find it works best with lots of mascara on rather than scraping it off into the tube. One thing I do have to point out it that they have put PERFUME into this & it smells so nice & refreshing! I wish all mascara’s did that.

This is what it looks like on. I does WONDERS to the length of my lashes. It doesn’t leave them crispy or feeling hard – they feel perfect & quite natural looking! I love how it separates my lashes as well. I wouldn’t say it’s as good (in terms of shocking) as my They’re Real by Benefit but it’s much easier to remove it off at night. I’ve also got Touche Éclat on under my eyes. As you can see, it really brightens up the under-eye area really well.

I have been using a lot of these products from this haul on a daily basis for about a month. I’ve gotta say, I love discovering new products!

What products have you dolls been loving this new year? :)

My OCC Lip Tar collection.

Hi dolls. How are you all? Hope you’re all settling into the new year. I don’t have any resolutions but I aim to chase my dreams & generally be a happy chappy :) I’ve wanted to do this post for a while now but never found the time to actually take pictures & write it up. End of last year, I decided to get some new OCC Lip Tars – they are beautiful! I thought I’d share my ENTIRE Lip Tar collection… A, because I can’t pick my favourite and B, they are all just too damn gorgeous!!

You can also read a full review HERE if you don’t know what they are. But in a nutshell they are super-duper-highly-opaque-incredibly-pigmented lip gloss! On top of that they are 100% vegan AND cruelty free! Here are the swatches…

As you can probably tell… I love PINK lip colours :) I get these from GENIE COSMETICS for £8.79 which is a really good & efficient website, in case you were wondering!

Have you guys tried any OCC Lip Tars before? What do you think of them?


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