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2011 In A Blog Shell.

Hi doll faces. Hope you’re all well & ready for 2012? Last year I did a ’2010 In A Blog Shell’ post where I blogged about 10 of my favourite products from that year & thought, what the heck! Why not make this an annual thing? (Well, this time it’s one more product than last year to keep with the ’11′ theme) So, let me get straight to it… Here are my TOP 11 PRODUCTS OF 2011.


RRP: £8.50 available HERE

I’m constantly changing my nail polish & this has saved me so much time. I used to use cheapy top coats but they haven’t always left me with a perfect manicure. This quick drying top coat by ORLY has a SUPER-FAST drying time & leaves me nails looking super glossy. I’ve almost finished my first bottle & am almost ready to start using my back up! Polishield leaves my manicures lasting much longer :)


RRP: £4.50 available HERE

I’m a huge fan of Carmex & this new launch of theirs has been one of my saviours throughout the year. I reviewed this HERE & am still loving it the same… If not more ;) I have a couple of these in different bags & also one in my car. If you haven’t tried this yet, I highly recommend it to you all.


[ comfort zone ]‘S HYDRAMEMORY MASK

RRP: £26 (but currently on sale) available HERE

I’m always trying to find the perfect product which leaves my skin baby soft & this is definitely it. I use it in my skincare routine which is HERE. I apply this once a week at night & sleep in it. It does WONDERS to my skin! Not only does it leave my skin feeling like a baby’s bum but also supple & extremely hydrated throughout the week!



RRP: from £4 – £12.50 available HERE

I’ve blogged quite a lot about the Topshop make-up range on my blog one which is THIS post. I’ve been really impressed with their make-up & I have a fair few FAVOURITES :) I can’t wait to see their new collections in the new year & see if I can grab myself some of them. No doubt will you see the bits I get on my blog. The quality of the products & their packaging is really good – make up which doesn’t break the bank sounds very good to me!



RRP £22 available HERE

I have indulged in a handful of these babies this year & my GOD! They are brilliant. The texture is so silky & smooth. Because of this texture, it feels super light on your lips. The packaging is second to none. I love the strong, gold feel to these. If you haven’t tried these out & wouldn’t mind spending a whopping £22 on a lipstick… you definitely need to try these! This has to be my favourite out of the three I have. You can see other swatches HERE.



RRP: £22.50 available HERE

I love eye shadows & this little pot of Chanel goodness is simply AMAZING! It’s almost like a fairy-cake-spongy-creamy-sparkly eye shadow. It lasts almost all day for me without a primer but with a little bit of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion this doesn’t budge. I wore this all over my lid & smoked out on Christmas day, perfect for the party season… Or whenever you feel like glamming it up ;) They are on the expensive side but a little goes a long way so is money well spent. It even comes with a cute little brush for application!



RRP: £18.50

I reviewed this mascara HERE a few months back. It has become one of my MUST HAVES. I’ve almost ran out of this & am definitely getting my hands on another bottle. If I had a £1 for every time someone asked me if I was wearing fake lashes when I wore this, I’d be a rich lady. If you’re unsure about spending almost £20 on a mascara, you can always get the Benebabes at the Benefit counter to put some on for you to see just how good this mascara really is. It can be a little tough to take off but for me, it’s well worth it!



RRP: £14 available HERE

There was a point this year where I wore these as a thick eye liner every day! If you’re looking for different coloured eye liners or eye shadows you should try these out. They are highly pigmented & definitely give your eyes a pop of colour. They come in an array of different colours & don’t seem to BUDGE when you’ve got them on! I bought all 4 in one go :oops: that’s how much I love these!



RRP: £13 available HERE

Last year I came across the amazing OCC Lip Tars & this year it has been these. If you don’t like sticky lip glosses but want them to be pigmented these are a must have. As you can probably tell that I love pink/corals/reds in lip colours & it’s the same here. They come with a small slanted tip which makes application SUPER EASY. If you’re too scared to try the OCC Lip Tars these could definitely be an alternative. Although, I love them both :)



RRP: £23.50 available HERE

This (along with Garnier’s tinted eye roll-on) has been a product which I have used almost every day this past year. It’s the PERFECT contour for almost all skin tones. The brush is comes with is also ideal to contour your face with. Considering the amount of times this has been used, I’m nowhere near finished with this which is even better! I’m hoping this will last me very long :)



RRP: £36 available HERE

I got this as a gift this year. I was longing to get MAC’s So Chaud. You know… That perfect balance of red, with sultry orange undertones in a lipstick. Until this landed in my hands :D I still have difficulty justifying why someone should pay £36 for a lipstick which isn’t even that big of a bullet, but my gosh! The texture of this baby is even BETTER than the YSL Rouge Voluptes!! It’s so incredibly creamy & smooth on my lips with the perfect amount of colour. Will I be collecting these? YES! I have a feeling I have a slight little obsession with lipsticks…

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post. What products have you been loving this year? No doubt were there other products I could have added in here (like Garnier BB cream, Victoria’s Secret perfumes, YSL Touche Eclat). I’m sure you’ll see them at some point on the blog :)

On a lighter note, I hope you all have a lovely new year. Here’s to a great 2011… Bring on 2012 :) Lots of love to you all..

Winter Skincare.

Hi doll faces… I hope you’re all doing well & ready for Christmas! I’ve been wanting to get this post up for a while now after lots of requests as to what products I use for my skincare routine. So, I thought I’d get a WINTER SKINCARE post up for you all. Now, I wouldn’t say that I live by all these products every single day of the year. If I miss a couple of days here & there, I’m fine. I tend not to beat myself around the bush about it. I’d say my skin is combination. Generally, my skin is in all right condition. I don’t get many spots nor have I had acne. I like to use products that gel with my skin. Here’s my current winter skincare routine…


OLAY Complete Care Day UV Fluid SPF 15 (£5.10 available HERE) – This is the moisturiser I use in the morning if my foundation doesn’t have any SPF in it (I’m big on SPF if :)) This keeps my skin moisturised throughout the ENTIRE day.

amie Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser (£5.10 available HERE) – If you like Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion you’ll love this little beauty from amie. amie is an all natural brand which is always great to know. It works very well as a BASE for my foundation along with my OLAY moisturiser.


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (£12.25 available HERE) – Read my review HERE. Recently, I’ve been using a warm, damp, cotton pad to remove the product as it’s much easier than using the muslin cloth. I find that if I don’t tone my skin after, it can become oily. But, I LOVE how my skin feels after using it! I think the Eve-lom cleanser is next on my list :)

[ comfort zone ] Everyday Tonic (£19.25 available HERE) – This is by far one of the BEST toners I have ever used! I find a lot of toners are too strong (yes Clinique, I’m talking to you!!) whereas this is PERFECT for my skin. It’s important to use a toner to return your skin it’s normal pH – which is most probably why my skin got oily when I went without it after cleansing.

OLAY Complete Care Night Enriched Cream (£7.99 available HERE) – I bought this when I went on a Boots shopping spree. I wanted to go for a brand which is known for their skincare (which is why I picked up the Daily UV Fluid of theirs too!). This is extremely RICH & skins into my skin fairly quickly which is great as I fall asleep within minutes. I also add another product into this which is…

[ comfort zone ] Renight (£28.75 available HERE) – Renight is one of my favourite products. I put a few drops of this into my night OLAY moisturiser. It’s jam packed with Goji berries which are great for your skin, filled with antioxidants & anti-ageing properties. It’s smells LUSH too! I love knowing that my night moisturiser is boosting with extra goodies for my skin, you could even call it my little fountain pot of youth ;) It comes with a handy pipette, which means it’s super easy to add into your moisturisers.

[ comfort zone ] Eye Supreme Cream Gel (£27 available HERE) – I never used to use an eye cream but when I got introduced to [ comfort zone ] this was the first products I picked up. Keeping your under eyes hydrated is a MUST. First signs of ageing appear around your eyes & this tube of goodness does not only that but over time it has even reduced the dark circles I’ve had under my eyes. Okay, they weren’t bad but there are days where I can leave the house without concealer because of this :!:

Cherry Carmex Pot (£2.55 available HERE) – I keep this on my bed side table. I find this the only lip balm to really work on my lips. The Carmex pots I find are thicker in consistency & are IDEAL to sleep in ready for baby soft lips in the morning :)


The Body Shop Microdermabrasion Vitamin C (£12 available HERE) – for a deeper clean I use this once a week to remove the dead layer of skin on my face. It’s got crushed garnet stones in here, but it’s very smooth & doesn’t hurt at all. I love the zingy-zangy scent of it too. I avoid using this if I do have a spot as it would probably irritate it, which is totally not wanted. I find every time that I use this, I feel super REFRESHED!

[ comfort zone ] Hydramemory Mask (£26 available HERE) – This has been my winter skin saviour this year. I go to sleep in a thin layer of this once a week to ensure that my skin is getting that extra hydration throughout the cold. I will probably use this all seasons as it leaves my skin even SOFTER than cleansing! This is going to be a staple in my skincare routine, that’s for sure.

Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish (£17.50 available HERE) – after trying this out at Benefit’s skincare launch, I had to get my hands on this! It’s a lovely, gentle exfoliator which removes dead skin & grub off my face once a week. I like that it brightens your complexion over time. My tan has completely disappeared & this is definitely making me feel BRIGHTER :) Depending on my mood, I sometimes use this as a face mask.

Top: Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Bottom: Refined Finish Facial Polish

Hope you all enjoyed this post & hope it wasn’t too long or boring! Are there any skincare products you’re all loving this winter? I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve by the way. I am looking forward to seeing everyone this break. What are you all up to?

P.S – I thought I’d quickly show you my manicure. It’s ORLY’s Plum Noir layered with Bubbly Bombshell. It’s super, duper Christmassy! What Christmas manicures are you rocking?

Lacoste Winner…

Hi my lovelies. Hope you’re all having a nice weekend. I thought I’d do a super quick post announcing the winner of the Lacoste giveaway on my blog. I’d like to thank everyone who entered & Lacoste for providing the gift. I’m going to cut to the chase… The winner is…


Congratulations, doll –  I’ve dropped you an email as well. Thank you all once again. Keep your eyes peeled for more little giveaways on here :) Have a lovely weekend cupcakes!

Rock Solid Manicure.

Hi my lovelies. How are you all doing? Can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow! There’s also forcast for snow. I’m not impressed – I hate the stuff! I thought I’d quickly share my mani with you all…

Rock Solid by ORLY – RRP £7.50 from HERE.

It’s a really simple NOTD where I’ve just painted the tips of my nails. I thought I’d go for this STUNNING gunmetal-holographic grey called ‘Rock Solid’ from ORLY. ORLY has become my favourite brands in polishes :) I absolutely love the gripper cap, I don’t have to sit there for ages trying to open the bottle. Each of their bottles contain a whopping 18ml of polish which means all the colours will last you for a long time!

Rock Solid is from ORLY’s new Mineral FX collection. Not only does this collection have some eye catching colours but it also contains EXCLUSIVE technology that creates a special optical effect with a combination of luminous raw material and is infused with Orly’s custom Mineral Complex made of Calcium, Iron, Aluminium, Manganese and Magnesium to help thicken and strengthen weak and thin nails. You’re hitting 2 birds with one stone here – can’t really complain can you? :)

I love painting the tips of my nails different colours, but glitter polishes have been my go-to for this kinda NOTD look. What about you guys? What polishes have you been sporting recently?

P.S – Please don’t forget to vote for LDB HERE & enter my giveaway HERE :) hugs to you all x

FOTD & some Sunday chit chat.

Hi dolls. I feel like I’m on a roll today with two whole blog posts for you! I thought this would be a great post to have a little CHIT CHAT with you. Firstly, I got a new car *yipee* my old one was seriously dying on me but now I have a fancy new one which I’m totally loving. Team Audi all the way. Also, recently I got asked to be a part of Handpicked Media! Which I was super chuffed about, to be a part of this community with lots of well known blogs here in the UK. Last but not least, I have got a new job close to home! I am very, very sad to be leaving my team but it’s time to start a new challenge in life – I’m really looking forward to it. Has anything new happened in your lives?

Right, now onto the FOTD. On Friday night it was my work Christmas party & I thought I’d share my face with your pretty faces as well as some products I’m currently loving. I wore a blue dress from Bershka. Their products are very good quality & don’t break the bank. I wore THIS dress.

Flawless Cream Foundation by MeMeMe
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Powder
Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch
Global Bronzer by Topshop

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Contrast (Limited Edition) eye shadow by MAC all over the lid
Carbon by MAC on the crease, upper & lower lash line
Green Smoke by MAC on the crease
Vex by MAC as a highlight
They’re Real mascara by Benefit
Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Liner in Black

Hoola by Benefit to contour
Watt’s Up! by Benefit as a highlight
Candid Coral by ELF as a blush

Powder Puff Cream Puff by Collection 2000
C-Thru Lipglass by MAC

Flawless Cream Foundation RRP: £12.50

These are the two products I’ve been using a lot recently. I’ve also worn these on the pictures above. Recently I’ve been trying out more & more drug store or pharmacy brands & I’ve been pleasantly surprised :)

Flawless Cream Foundation – applys like a DREAM. I’d say it’s medium coverage, which is perfect for me as I don’t like to feel caked on. I love the matte look yet glow it has on my skin. For the days I feel like I want that extra coverage, I’ve been going straight for this. I’m also loving that it’s got SPF 15 in it. Dolls, I can’t stress how important SPF is & especially on your face… I’m obsessed with not wanting wrinkles & products with SPF are a must along with keeping moisturised. You can get this from Superdrug or off of their website HERE.

RRP: £24.50 from Boots, Debenhams or Benefit’s website HERE.

Watt’s Up! – If you’ve been keeping up with me &/or my blog you’ll know that I’ve been wearing highlighters a lot recently! I was so happy to get my hands on this. One, because I love Benefit products & two because yep… I love highlighters ;) I already use high beam which was one of my favourites during last summer. However this has more of a gold tone to it. It’s INCREDIBLY smooth & glides onto my skin effortlessly. The sponge on the other end is amazing, I don’t know why brands hadn’t thought of this earlier. I find it helps keep the product on there (by blending the edges away) rather than rubbing it into your skin/foundation. Also, a little goes a long way with this so for the price, I think it’s well worth it – that is if you’re after a good quality highlighter. By the way, how cute is the packaging?!

Here are some quick swatches of what they look like. I find I go for ‘THICKER‘ products during the winter. Is anyone else like that, or is it just me?

The boy also got me this GORGEOUS clutch bag from ASOS last week – I don’t know how he knew but I’ve been wanting to get this for ages now & I finally have it :) Thank you so, SO much :)

What have you all been up to? What products have you been loving this winter? I am going to do a ‘what I use on my skin’ & ‘what’s in my bag’ type of posts as I’ve been asked to do them quite a lot recently so watch out for them along with my recent haul :) I’ve totally missed blogging & I think I’ve got my blogging mojo back :D

I need your help, dolls!

Hi my lovelies. How are you all? I’m sitting in the living room on a sunday night, with my new faux fur coat & watching Elf – I love that movie! What are you all up to? I hope you’re all having a great December & all your Christmas prep is going amazingly. I did some unecessary shopping today, so watch out for a haul post!

I was hoping you could all help me & the boy out. He is very busy these days working with up & coming artists who are collectively called LDB. If you like Example & something different you’ll totally like them! I would LOVE for you to help us out a little & vote for them on MTV’s Brand New for 2012. It will literally take a few seconds to vote…

It’s super simple. All you have to do is click HERELISTEN to the song… & VOTE for it by clicking on the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER. It’s simple as that.

I would really, really appreciate it if you could do this for me, it would mean the world to me, the boy & the entire LDB team!

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart & make-up bag that take the time our to vote. Lots of hugs & kisses to you all… I really hope the LDB team win! *fingers crossed*

P.S – if you like them then please don’t forget to check them out on Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE & Youtube HERE :)

Lacoste Touch of Pink Giveaway!

Hi my beauties! I am terribly sorry for not being able to blog recently. I have been swamped & seem to have lost my blogging mojo :( Bad times, I know. But I’m back with a little giveaway which is sponsored by the one and only LACOSTE to make up for it as little pre-Christmas treat for all my lovely readers.

I remember a few years ago, my cousin had this & it still reminds me of her. If you like fun & fresh scents, this could be right up your alley. The ‘House of Lacoste‘ has made this perfume for the mischievous & adventurous woman who has a healthy appetite for life! Lacoste Touch of Pink captures the essence of a woman full of youthful sensuality. She is young yet grown-up, classic yet modern, innocent yet knowing. A whole round girly, girl… Sounds very much like myself :)

The Lacoste ‘Touch of Pink’ range includes the eau de toilette in two sizes (50ml for £30 & 90ml for £38). Their gift sets include shower gel & roll-on deodorant which are available at The Perfume Shop & selected Boots stores.

To enter you must:

  • Be from the UK
  • If you’re 16 or younger please get your parents approval
  • Be a FOLLOWER of my blog via Google Friend Connect (GFC).
  • Leave your
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  • The giveaway will END on Friday 16th December 2011 at 8.00pm GMT in time for you to receive it before Christmas :)

Good luck, dolls! Speak very soon :)

*This is a sponsored post courtesy of Lacoste.