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DIY: Nappy Cake.

Hey guys, how are you all? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Some of you may know that we had a new addition to our family this summer. My brother had a GORGEOUS baby boy! I didn’t know what to get him so I thought why not make them a nappy cake? I went down the creative/super useful route of presents. My mum thought I was making him a cake in the shape of a nappy… But it was totally the other way round!

I thought I’d share this with you all as I think it’s a great present to give. I gave my bro & sis-in-law got lots of nappies along with this & some toys for baby Shreyaan. So, here’s how I made it. You don’t have you use exactly what I did. You can change things about & make it your own.

I hope you liked it. Sorry if parts don’t make sense :oops: but if you have any questions about it just give me a shout. I thought I’d leave you with a picture from the day he was born… Toodles for now!

Topshop, like I’ve never known before!

Hi dolls. How are you all? I’m so, so cold – I really don’t like winter. Over the weekend I went to the new Westfield & came back with things I didn’t necessarily need but definitely wanted after seeing/trying them on! When I think of clothing store make-up I don’t really think WOW but after falling ‘Head Over Heels’ (literally) with a Topshop cream blush I couldn’t help but take a little de-tour to their cosmetic section. As you guessed… I came back with a heck of a lot of stuff which was too pretty to put down! I thought I’d show you my collection as a whole & what I would recommend.

Here you have it! I got 4 products yesterday, lip stick, khol & 2 highlighters. It’s reasonably priced but you can easily end up spending quite a lot. All together that cost me just over £30. But hey, it’s totally okay to treat yourself once & a while ;) Pictured above is:

  • Head Over Heels £6 – cream blush
  • Pop £6 – blush
  • Skin Glow Light £10 – highlighter
  • Polished £9 – highlighter from their new A/W 2011 collection, Smoke & Mirrors
  • Petrol £6 – khol
  • Rapturous £7 – matte lip stick
  • Global £8 – Bronzer

Rapturous – I’ve been after a red lipstick with orange undertones for a while now. This colour is gorgeous on, people at work loved it & were super surprised that it was from Topshop. One down side is, that it isn’t moisturising at all (NARS Pure Matte Lipsticks are the BEST by far). However, it’s nothing like a good Carmex base which can’t sort that out.

Petrol – Jewel tones are so in this season, & me loving different coloured eye liners I thought I’d give this unusual green a go. Stunning colour but it transfers onto my upper lid throughout the day. In my opinion, no eye liners should do that – I hate having to add an extra step, of dusting translucent powder on top, when I’m trying to get ready in fast mode during the morning. But I may just have to give this SPECIAL treatment. I reckon it would also look lovely on the lower lash line.

Pop – I like to wear this when I want a bright ‘POP‘ on my cheeks. For the price this is really good! Staying power is very good too.

Head Over HeelsAMAZING, one of my best buys in Topshop make-up! Colour, texture, longevity & usage is second to none. I even use this on my lips!

Global – this has been my go-to bronzer for my entire face since I’ve been back from my holiday. PERFECT amount of shimmer for everyday use. My tan is pretty much gone on my face (oh, how I miss it :() but I’ve also tried using it as a contour & it does a good job.

Polished – I have become a highlighter freak recently & this is very close with my Benefit ‘High Beam’ & Daniel Sandler ‘Icing’ highlighters! It’s SUPER-DUPER pigmented as you can tell. This is definitely more of a night time highlighter than day (but I did wear it today to try it out properly! :oops:)

Skin Glow Light – I’ve never seen something quite like this. When you pump it out it’s a pearl colour but as soon as you start to blend you can see these AMAZING pink & iridescent colours shining through. I have a feeling it’s going to becoming one of my staple products. My friend & I both snapped one up straight away!

This is the gorgeous Rapturous on. I love experimenting with different lip stick colours & this has definitely stood out. I am in two minds about the dryness to this but I think it’ll just stick it out :)

Hope you liked my little Topshop haul. I will show you the other bits I bought over the weekend in another haul but have been so drained recently it’s unreal! Does winter make anyone else feel like that, or is it just me?

Have you ever tried TOPSHOP make up before? Love to know what you think or if I’m the only one that seems super impressed with some of their products! Until next time my beauties…

My all time favourite concealer.

Hi my lovelies. How are you all? Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend? I thought I’d share my favourite concealer of all time with you. I have a fair few different kinds of concealers but I ALWAYS seem to opt for this, no matter what day or night it is!

Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on RRP: £10.20

It’s the Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on. I’ve been using it for about a year & a half now & can’t imagine getting ready every morning without it :) For me, it has to be the PERFECT consistency & coverage for every day wear – it’s super natural looking. I use it in MEDIUM – as far as I’m aware, it comes in light, medium & dark. I think it is a shame that you can’t get it in more colours.

I find that using concealer makes your face brighten up. I hate really thick concealers, as I find they can crease under my eyes throughout the day. Above is a picture with NOTHING under my eye…

You don’t need MUCH product under your eyes to get good coverage – well for me any ways. But you can always build it up :)

This is what it looks like blended. I blend it using my finger (because it’s so much easier than using a brush). I love how it makes me look AWAKE once applying this every morning :) It also doesn’t crease under my eyes either which is a major plus point. It’s GREAT quality for the price – my first tube lasted me well over 6 months! It’s probably one of the products I’d buy over & over again!

Have you tried this before? What’s your favourite concealer? Can you recommend any other amazing ones out there?

My handbag hero… Carmex Moisture Plus!

I thought I’d make a confession to you all… I would literally be lost without my Carmex Moisture Plus on me!! I’ve been wearing it literally every single day since I got it. A lot of you may know that I’m a HUGE Carmex fan. It genuinely is the only lip balm which works for me – I know a lot of make-up artists would agree! It doesn’t leave my lips feeling like there’s a thick layer (or more like wall) of balm on my lips – which Vaseline does. I was waiting for ages for Carmex to bring out new products & my prayers finally got answered!

£4.50 from ASOS HERE
£4.49 from Boots

Say hello to my handbag hero, Carmex Moisture Plus! It’s Carmex’s new tinted lip balms. Not only are these packed with Vitamin E, aloe & shea butter but they also comes with an SPF 15! If you know me, you’ll know how I absolutely love my SPFs, I dont leave the house without it on (even in the winter!). The packaging is SUPER different to their original range. There is no sign of their cult yellow colour on here but, I like it! It gives the product a sophisticated edge to it. I’m a lover of all things gold & this slightly rose gold stick is very cute!

The sticks have a SLANTED tip which makes application effortless. I find that lip products with this ‘slant’ help me get it on really neatly!

Carmex Moisture Plus Swatches

As you can see it comes in 3 TINTS. Clear, peach & pink. One reason I love wearing these is because you can build the colour up by applying it liberally. So not only are you set for the day but you’re also set for the night ;)

Carmex Moisture Plus Peach Swatch

Here’s a swatch of the PEACH. I can see this being my go to product for the colder & darker months.

Carmex Moisture Plus Pink Swatch

However, I’m a PINK girl at heart & have a soft spot for this colour no matter what day it is. It leaves you with the perfect pink lips!

You still get that little tingle on you lips (as you do with the original Carmex) which I personally love. I’d also like to point out that have seen a considerable difference in my lips since I’ve started using these. They are super soft & rarely get dry. Overall, I am SO happy with this product. I hope Carmex bring out different colours in these!

Have you tried Carmex Moisture Plus yet? Will you be picking one of these up?

Current hair routine.

Hi dolls. How are you all? Did you have a lovely weekend? AMAZING weather or what?! I’ve been asked to do this post by lots of people… It’s all about my hair & what I use, do etc. A lot of you asked after seeing THIS post. To be really honest, I’m so over my hair. It’s so long & time consuming. Usually, I wash it at night, go to sleep, wake up, whack a bit of product in it (sort out the front untamed bits) & I’m off to go! But, when I have some time on my hands, I like to pamper myself – who doesn’t ey?

Usually, I use Herbal Essences because I LOVE the smell. But this summer I thought I’d go for something a little different. I’ve been using this new ‘VO5 for YOU’ range for about 2 months now & I’m quite liking it! My hair looks & feels great since using it. I love the fruity scent it has. I can’t wait to try the ‘Gloss me Smoothly’ & ‘Plump me Up’ shampoos! I wish they did a curly range in this, because I can see myself getting along with it really well.

It was only recently I actually started combing my hair after it had been washed for a long time. Ever since I’ve stopped straightening my hair on a daily basis I like to keep it looking curly/messy :) Not straightening my hair so often has improved the condition of my hair IMMENSELY! I would highly recommend ditching the straighteners if you’re looking for healthier & longer hair.

TANGLE TEEZER – I got the amazing Tangle Teaser a few weeks ago. I don’t know how it does it, but it works like a CHARM!! I don’t use my hair brushes/combs any more because of this little baby!

MOROCCAN OIL- I use this oil every day! It reduces the drying time for my hair (which is something I need as it’s so thick & long) but also leaves my hair feeling unbelivably soft. I can totally tell if I’ve forgotten to put it in as my hair feels crispy… if that even makes sense? This stuff is a GOD SEND! I love the fact that even if it is oil, it doesn’t leave my hair greasy – that’s the last thing I want!

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE B.B GEL – this stuff is AMAZING! Even though my hair is long & thick yet it hold curls in my hair for days!! Not only that but it doesn’t leave my hair with that hard gel feel. It gives my hair amazing texture & has made me want to buy more Bumble and Bumble products. I just wish it was travel friendly :( To open the product you twist the top & I can’t risk taking it with me when I’m travelling as I’d hate for it to untwist & squirt all over my stuff! Other than that, it’s a great gel!

For the days that I actually have time to do my hair I use two extra products.

TRESEMMÉ HEAT DEFENCE (RRP £5)- I’m so forgetful with heat defence but always try my hardest to remember when I’m curling bits of my hair or straightening bits. This stuff is amazing. Smells great, doesn’t break the bank AND protects your hair. I love the packaging, the spray-handle is great, makes me feel like a hair dresser! LOL

LEE STAFFORD’S MY BIG FAT TEXTURISED HAIR SUPER SPRAY (RRP: 9.29)- I’ve only recently got this. It definitely makes my hair bigger for the first hour or so… But overall it doesn’t last for very long, probably due to the weight of my hair. Also I find it a little too sticky for my liking. I am really disappointed in this (I had high hopes for it) – I wouldn’t get this again, no way. For that price I’d rather pay more & get something better. I think I’m going to stick to Bumble and Bumble products! But hey, it might work on SHORTER hair?

These are the two tool I use to straighten & curl my hair, standard!

GHD STRAIGHTENER IV STYLER (RRP: £99): Can’t complain about my GHDs. I’ve have these for a good 3 or 4 years now :)

BABYLISS PORCELAIN CURLING WAND (RRP: £25.49): I finally got my hands on this wand earlier this year, after wanting it for so long & it’s great. It truly creates lovely curls & for the price, it’s a BARGAIN! Full review coming soon :)

So, all those products & tools creates this! Here you can see just how long my hair is. I reckon if my hair was short, it would be naturally curlier. However, because of the length my hair is very wavy. I don’t really need to curl any bits, but I like to do it anyway :) From the back my hair looks EVEN longer!

Here you can see the waves that the Babyliss wand makes. This is literally my everyday hair. It’s got to a length now where I rarely have it down though… I’m always tying it up half way through the day because it  just gets in the way. By the way, I always talk myself in & out of chopping it all off. I think deep down I’m too SCARED to cut it off :oops:

I always get asked if I have ‘ombre’ hair. But it’s nothing like that at all. After being in Mexico, the coloured parts of my hair became LIGHTER in the sun. But in fact my hair is like this…

I have ‘FLASHES‘ in my hair – I’ve had it like this for years now. But, I think now (because it’s longer) you can see them colour more? It’s great because your roots will rarely show, which means you don’t have to get your hair done every few months :)

I also get asked a lot if my hair is real… Yes! It’s 100% REAL, dolls. My parents were blessed with thick hair & have passed that gene onto me :) I have never, ever, worn extensions in my hair… but for some weird reason I’ve always wanted to? LOL

I don’t follow any rules with hair cuts, I get it cut when I feel like it (I know, that’s really bad right?!) But I do like to take care of it as much as I possibly can… Even though it can be a pain at times. Hope you enjoyed my current hair routine, gems! If you’ve got any questions or anything just give me a shout :)

Are there any hair products that you would recommend? I’d love to know :)