Hola México! – Part 2

Hi dolls. I’m back again (2 days in a row – I’m slowly getting back into this!). I’ll be going through the process of getting back to everyone’s blog comments this week, so watch out for them if you’ve asked me a question. Alternatively, you can always post it on my FACEBOOK, TWEET me or even drop me an EMAIL. I’m always happy to give advice, answer questions or even if you’d like to say ‘hi’ I love hearing from you! Eeeks, right, so, enough of me & my rambling…. Here’s part 2 of my holiday pictures!

My cousin renewed her vows on the beautiful Mexican beach. It was a small & intimate ceremony. Small weddings are the best!

I wore a maxi dress which I bought over a year ago that was on sale (simply for that reason). However, it looks fab in pictures! I’m so glad I got it. It was £15 well spent!

Dress – Bank
Bracelet – Primark
Watch – Guess
Nails – Va Va Voom by ORLY

My niece decided to make a ‘fan castle’ during the ceremony… She’s so cute I want to pinch her cheeks!!

Mother & daughter ♥

Earrings – Primark

We went to an area called Tulum where we got the chance to see ancient Mayan ruins. It was a beautiful day.

Hat – Accessorize
Glasses – Marc Jacobs

We saw possibly hundreds of iguanas around. Luckily they are scared of humans & walk the other way from you.

Dress – Miss Selfridge
Earrings – New Look

Because of the Rivera Maya being in a jungle, we got to see & experience true tropical weather. I have never seen or heard thunder & lightening that bad in my whole 23 years of life!! I even saw a TORNADO!

Jumpsuit – A random shop in Lakeside Mall
Belt – Primark
Earrings – New Look

I love my niece & newphew to bits – they made the holiday full of lots of laughs & giggles 🙂

Dress – French Connection
Ring – New Look

So there you have it, a whole lot of pictures from my holiday. Hope it didn’t bore you. I’d like to thank my cousin & brother-in-law for letting me steal their pictures (THANKS!). I’m trying to get my cousin to set up a photography blog, because he’s really good at it… If I get him to do it I’ll definitely update you all 🙂 Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. I’m trying to get back into blogging regularly so I’ll catch you dolls very soon.