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Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers!

Hi dolls. I’ve been SO incredibly busy with work & life in general that the blog has been disgustingly neglected over the past couple of weeks. But, I promise you I’ll get better. I’m slowly building up lots of scheduled posts that so you’re not left hanging! Any ways, since I’ve been working so hard I thought I’d treat myself to the highly talked about Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers! If you’ve not heard about these, you must read on!

Waterbrush RRP: £15 (currently £5 on
Pop RRP: £14.50
Icing RRP: £14.50

Pop blush is what I initially wanted to get as £5 from the sales go to Macmillan Cancer Research! It’s such a gorgeous, winter colour. But seeing as the ‘waterbrush’ was reduced to £5 I HAD to get my hands on it! I looked for ‘Icing’ & ended up getting it from Feel Unique, HERE. Personally, I feel like I can blend the blush perfectly well without the brush… So, it’s fair to say I need to get used to it as I’ve heard it does amazing things. Especially when you’re not wearing any foundation/tinted moisturiser on your skin. I have yet to discover that though!

I opted for these two colours. I thought I’d be able to use ‘Icing’ as a highlighter paired with ‘Pop’ of course ;) The packaging is great. You get 15ml in a bottle & a little definitely goes a LONG way.

Because these are water based, they blushes need a good shake before you use them & you need the tiniest amount. This little dot covered my ENTIRE hand!! Meaning, this will last you a good while.

They are super easy to blend & last the WHOLE day. I have the tendency to touch my face & rest my hand on my cheek when I’m at work & all, so usually my blush is the first thing to disappear right off the face of my… well, face! I use to stay away from water/cream based blushers but have recently fallen in love with them.

Out of the 2 I absolutely love icing. It looks amazing on as a highlighter. I think It may just be one of my favourite highlighters (… of all time?). It has an amazing two toned, silver & pink, colour to it. I’ve been wearing it a lot recently. I’m really glad I got ‘Pop’ also, I love how £5 goes to CHARITY. I can’t seem to say a bad word about them. They truly are little gems of mine now. It’s a limited edition colour which is exclusive to – there’s only 250 of these!! You can get your hands on it HERE.

Have you ever tried Daniel Sandler cosmetics or these watercolour blushes? What do you think about them?

Jumbo Waver.

Hi Dolls :) I’m here today with a review of the Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver*. I was really excited to get using this as I love experimenting with my hair. I’m always changing the colour of it & style. For a split second, I did think “what if I look like a little girl who’s braided her hair?!” (It totally bought me back to my teen years – my friends would even vouch that for me!) But, I left that all aside & hoped that it’ll be FAB!

The packaging is second to none. The bag it comes in also doubles up as a heat protected matte (big kudos to the Enrapture peeps – it’s fantastic!). I don’t ever have to feel hesitant about burning the carpet or anything. It retails at £74.99 which comes with a 3 year guarantee AND “love it or your money back” – which many other brands don’t give to you!

This is currently the ONLY waver on the market with jumbo 25mm barrels creating S shaped waves. I have weird, wavy/curly hair so was really excited to give it a good try :)

The low setting is for fine, thin hair, the medium for normal & high is for course hair. I have lots of hair & it’s super thick so I always use it on the highest setting. I first tried it at night & felt that my hair was fairly volumized because of this (a little too much) but saying that, it totally grew on me & even more so the next day after having slept on it, literally. I LOVE that it gives such a different ‘wave’ to my hair from my usual GHDs & Babyliss hair tools.

This is what it looks like in my hair. I have to say, the product itself is fairly heavy & did hurt my hand whilst using it… But it is totally worth it. It is a little pricey but you’re paying for a great quality product! I put a little product in my hair to give it some texture & longevity but I don’t really think I needed it. This crimped look lasted me for AGES… Literally until the next time I washed it. It looks great in a pony tail too :)

The Amplify Jumbo Waver is available in many places which can be found HERE. Would I recommend this as a crimper? YES – it’s gives you great results with big S shaped waves unlike the others out there in the market. I’ve always wanted to try out rollers. Because this heats up very well, I’ve got my eye on the Enrapture ones :)

Have you tried Enrapture? What do you think of it? Would you use a crimper or is it too old school?

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. 100% honest review as always!

Holiday Beauty & Hair Products

Hi dolls. I’ve had this post planned for a while now but have just got round to putting it all together. I ALWAYS over pack – I dread to show you just how much beauty products I took with me on holiday. I thought this post will not help some of you but also me for whenever I need to pack for a holiday again… All I’ll need to do is look back at my favourites! I’ve picked my top 10 (…. Okay I lie, 11! LOL) favourite beauty & hair products I would not have been able to survive without.

Sunscreen & Aftersun

Soltan SPF 50 – RRP £9.99
Soltan Aftersun Tan Prolonger – RRP £5.49

I cannot forget good ol’ Mr. Sunscreen! Soltan is great because it’s good quality & always on offer! We should always be protecting our skin (yes, even during winter!!) but on holiday you need extra protection. I used SPF 50 & 30. I didn’t layer them to make it ‘SPF 80′ because is DOESN’T work like that. After doing a lot of research on SPF (I don’t leave the house without it), the only factor which actually proctects your skin is the last factor you put on :) So basically if you use a moisturiser with SPF 30 then put a foundation/tinted moisturiser on with SPF 15 …. You’re only protected with SPF 15…. Unless the website lied to me, LOL. The resort gave us some ALOE VERA gel & this was my savour for when my skin got really burnt! I will have to get some of that for other holidays, as it works like a charm. Also, I can’t forget my tan prolonger!! I love this stuff – it makes my tan lasts for ages. I even use it after I get back :)

Carmex Moisture Plus

Carmex Moisture Plus – RRP: £4.50 from ASOS.

I don’t know what I’d do without this tinted tube of goodness! Carmex lip balm with a pink tint & SPF 15?! *JAW DROPS*. It left my lips with a perfect pink tint & not forgetting the uber softness of them! I can’t find a single fault in this product. I’ll be doing a full review & swatches of all the products in the Moisture Plus range very soon, so keep your eyes pealed! I’ve got a swatch of it bellow for you dolls too :)

BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream – RRP: £9.99 from Superdrug

This has been my SAVIOUR for the past month or so. I use it on a daily basis & feel like it’s definitely improved the texture of my skin :) This BB cream is highly pigmented, meaning you only need to use a little for your face! I used to mix this in with other darker tinted moisturisers/bronzers for it to match my skin due to my tan. I will do a full review with swatches & how it look like on my skin within the next couple of weeks :)

Z Palette

RRP: £15.99 from Love Make Up

I’ve had this Z Palette laying around for months now & have only just started making use of it. I felt like hitting myself around the head for not using this earlier! Lord knows where my old MAC palettes are after using this bad boy! I am truly CONVERTED! I have pretty much every MAC eye shadow of mine in here & it perfect for reducing the amount of storage for make up along & perfectly for travelling!

Virgin Eye Shaddow

I love SIMPLE make up on holiday. Which means a lot of winged eyes & highlighted brow bones with a pop of colour or muted lips :) This was my favourite highlighter throughout my trip. The only down side of this was that I had to take my whole Naked Palette for just this one colour… I wish I had this as a single eye shadow, booo!

Ever Hip & Orange Shiver

I splurged about £20 for Ever Hip off of eBay (damn you limited editions!) as after seeing it in real life, I knew I had to have it & guess what? It was probably the best £20 I have spend in a while (on make up)!! I didn’t even touch my Vegas Volt or Costa Chic (even though I do adore those colours), Ever hip just has a lovely PINK tone to the coral :) I’d just like to say thank a big thank you to Ever Hip for coming into my make up collection… I promise to treat you well :)

I thought I’d go mad in Duty Free. However, I only came out with this gorgeous YSL lippy & I think it was another perfume. Any ways, I was after an orangey/red. At first I wanted to get So Chaud but MAC didn’t stock it at that particular duty free (weird? Sort it out MAC!). Thankfully, I saw this beautiful lipstick at the YSL counter & treated myself :) I do LOVE YSL Rouge Volutpe listicks, even though they are slightly more expensive than others & due to their amazing creamy qualities they run out a little faster than the rest… I still can’t get enough! Also, my OPERA ROSE lipstick broke in half a few months back as I was in a rush & forgot the lid one night out, I was really upset :( so I had to get another ;) Any who, here are some swatches.

RioBlush City Gal*

RioBlush City Girl Firming Leg Shimmer RRP: £40 from

I would never have thought to take this on holiday but I’m so glad I did. This gave my legs (& arms!) a gorgeous glow in the evenings when we went to dinner & what-not, as you can see above. You have to give it a good 10-15 minutes to dry & there on it’s NON-TRANSFERABLE!! Trust me, I tested it (I hade white bed sheets!). It made my skin look & feel a-la-Jessica Alba – who is also a fan of this product! I used this every day & definitely saw some difference in the texture of my skin. I also had a horrible mosquito bite smack bang in the middle of one of my shins, & this helped cover that & all other imperfections :) A little goes a long way for this so I think £40 is money well spend! You can get this from HERE. I hope they come out with this in an non-tinted version – I can image it being fab!

got2b Beach Matt & GHDs

got2b Beach Matte Paste – RRP £4.07 from Boots
GHDs – RRP £99

I probably wouldn’t get the got2b Beach Matte Paste again as I felt it made my hair feel weighed down & heavy but I’m actually glad I got this as a last minute hair product! It smells amazing. You have to be careful with the amount you put in as it can make your hair feel very greasy – which is what I didn’t like. But after getting used to it, it gave me a nice TEXTURIZED hair for the evenings :) I wanted fuss free hair for the evenings as I knew I wouldn’t be bothered to straighten it so a product like this is a must! I’d probably opt for the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray next time, as I love their products. Has anyone tried that before? If so, do let me know :)

I can’t forget my trusty GHDs. I have really curly, weird  not to mention ANNOYING bits of hair around my face which I prefer to be straighter so I knew I had to take this along with me! A lot of you asked how I got my hair like THIS from my post last week – it was actually with a bit of got2b Beach Matt paste & GHDs to curl the front :) Easy peasy!

So there we have it, my favourite beauty & hair products :) I hope this helps us all when packing for our next holidays! Have a lovely weekend bellas!

* This product was sent to me – 100% honest review as always!

Hola México! – Part 2

Hi dolls. I’m back again (2 days in a row – I’m slowly getting back into this!). I’ll be going through the process of getting back to everyone’s blog comments this week, so watch out for them if you’ve asked me a question. Alternatively, you can always post it on my FACEBOOK, TWEET me or even drop me an EMAIL. I’m always happy to give advice, answer questions or even if you’d like to say ‘hi’ I love hearing from you! Eeeks, right, so, enough of me & my rambling…. Here’s part 2 of my holiday pictures!

My cousin renewed her vows on the beautiful Mexican beach. It was a small & intimate ceremony. Small weddings are the best!

I wore a maxi dress which I bought over a year ago that was on sale (simply for that reason). However, it looks fab in pictures! I’m so glad I got it. It was £15 well spent!

Dress – Bank
Bracelet – Primark
Watch – Guess
Nails – Va Va Voom by ORLY

My niece decided to make a ‘fan castle’ during the ceremony… She’s so cute I want to pinch her cheeks!!

Mother & daughter ♥

Earrings – Primark

We went to an area called Tulum where we got the chance to see ancient Mayan ruins. It was a beautiful day.

Hat – Accessorize
Glasses – Marc Jacobs

We saw possibly hundreds of iguanas around. Luckily they are scared of humans & walk the other way from you.

Dress – Miss Selfridge
Earrings – New Look

Because of the Rivera Maya being in a jungle, we got to see & experience true tropical weather. I have never seen or heard thunder & lightening that bad in my whole 23 years of life!! I even saw a TORNADO!

Jumpsuit – A random shop in Lakeside Mall
Belt – Primark
Earrings – New Look

I love my niece & newphew to bits – they made the holiday full of lots of laughs & giggles :)

Dress – French Connection
Ring – New Look

So there you have it, a whole lot of pictures from my holiday. Hope it didn’t bore you. I’d like to thank my cousin & brother-in-law for letting me steal their pictures (THANKS!). I’m trying to get my cousin to set up a photography blog, because he’s really good at it… If I get him to do it I’ll definitely update you all :) Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. I’m trying to get back into blogging regularly so I’ll catch you dolls very soon.

Hola México! – Part 1

Hi dolls! How are you all? I wanted to blog about my holiday for a while now but I spent a lot of the time recovering & sorting out 1000s of photos! Collectively my family & I took over 5000!! I’ve narrowed it down (to two posts) so let me get straight to it…

Yummy fruit loops!! I loved these along with American style pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast :)

Top: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: River Island

My gorgeous little niece & I at a local Mexican market with big sombreros on :)


There were loads of creepy crawlies around the resort – but we were in the middle of a jungle, so you gotta expect that!

Top: Primark
Trousers: Primark
Bag: Ted Baker

I hope you enjoyed these, dolls. I’ve got more holiday photos in my next post, so make sure you watch out for it :) Have you señoritas been up to anything recently? I’d love to know if you’ve been on any holidays?