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Scented Make-up… Yummy!

Hey, hey there my lovelies! I thought I’d quickly share this crazy & recent obsession of mine! It seems to me that every morning when I’m getting ready for work… I’m picking up certain products in general. The other day it all CLICKED! Basically, I seem to be drawn to gorgeous scented make-up!

Although smell is one of the hardest things (ever) to describe, I’ll try my best to give you a run down of my top 5 scented make-up bits.

1. Lasting Colour Lip Stick, Collection 2000 (RRP £2.99) – I have two different colours in these & they smell divine! They smell like GUMMY WORMS… It’s like having sweets on your lips, you can’t really go wrong.

2. Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder, Bourjois (RRP £6.99) – This is possibly the best matte bronzer out there in drugstores/chemists! Not only does it not break the bank but it also smells like CHOCOLATE! Okay, fair enough it doesn’t smell exactly like Lindt or Galaxy, but you can tell it’s got some chocolate smelling elements in there :)

3. Girl Meets Pearl, Benefit (RRP: £24.50) – I’ve only got a travel size of this so not sure how much it exactly is but this little baby not only acts as a highlighter but it also smells like SHERBET! Do you remember those really long, rainbow sherbet straw things? Exactly that! It makes me want to eat it so bad :oops:

4. Bella Bamba, Benefit (RRP: 23.50) – I’m sure you’ve seen my post on this (… if not click HERE)… But this little blush, full of amazing pink & gold pigments smells like WATERMELON. A very sweet watermelon to be precise. Whenever I put this on, I can always seems to get a whiff of it for the first few hours of the day. I top this up on my cheeks for two reasons… For the 3D pink & the gorgeous smell!

5. Pageant Lip Tar, OCC (RRP: £13 from Filthy Gorgeous but cheapest, £8.59 from GENIE COSMETICS) – I’m sure you’ve heard be rave on about lip tars in my previous posts (HERE & HERE). Since then my collection has grown. Not only do I absolutely love these tars (even though they can stain), they smell uber MINTY. I quite like having mint on my lips, like Carmex too, it gives me a minty, fresh feeling (excuse the overused phrase, but it’s so true!). I’m thinking to do a lip tar post with lots of swatches for you all :) But will probably do it a little later as I think I’ve done too many lip stick posts recently :oops:

Do you have any LOVELY SMELLING make up I should know about? Not that I need to add to my stash, but I’m just curious as to what else is out there ;)

P.S – I’m totally on a shopping ban this month (& possibly June too!!) – I’m shopped out for the time being… I sure hope I can do it, ha!

Sigma Travel Kit.

Hello, hello there doll faces! How are you all? I hope you’re soaking up the sun. Make up brushes are an essential part of my beauty regime (without them, I’d be SUPER lost!). I was kindly sent the Sigma Beauty ‘Premium Travel Kit’ brush set, in black, to review. Now, I’m not much of a travel kit kinda girl, so I was really interested as to how they’d be! Also, these are blogged about a lot, so I was interested at how I’d find them.

RRP: $59 (approx. £36)
Available from HERE

It comes in a faux (?) leather clutch – it’s really smart looking & clearly protects the brushes inside. It’s fairly small which means it fits into pretty much all of my handbags. Not that I’d have this in my bag, everywhere I go, LOL! But it’s a handy size for sure.

Inside, there is a little zip compartment which is IDEAL for smaller bits & bobs you may need when applying make up. For example I’d pop some cotton buds/Q-tips in there… & possibly even my tweezers :)

I’ve heard a lot of hype about Sigma. As soon as I opened it up & had I was so disappointed. Let me explain, I absolutely HATE the BODY SHOP brushes – this is because they are so SILKY that they don’t even pick up any product!! These are fairly silky & smooth as well & was expecting them to be absolutely rubbish. However…

They’ve definitely proved me wrong! :D They’re pick up product & apply like a complete DREAM! I know they’re a travel kit, but I tent to use these on a daily basis! Especially the eye liner brush.

Tapered Face F25 – this brush picks up enough product to give you a nice coverage. Because of the shape, you can’t buff powder onto your skin but it applies well into the corners of your face. So, under your eyes & down the sides of your nose – PERFECTO!

Duo Fibre Powder/Blush F15 – I use this brush as a blush brush, simply because I like to wear blush & there’s already a powder brush in the kit. Because of the duo fibre I find it works very well with highly PIGMENTED blushers, but not so well with the less pigmented ones. In terms of application, my blush always looked perfectly blended on my cheeks because of this :) It’s very hard to get your blush looking patchy – I always use this with my pigmented blushers, it’s replaced my usual Sephora blusher brush.

Large Concealer F65 – I hands down don’t use a brush for my concealer, I find that I can blend it well with my fingers… So personally, I don’t use this brush. I did give it a go but I just don’t like using a flat concealer brush. IF it was fluffy or a duo fibre, I’d be on it like gin & tonic. But, find this a little pointless. However, if you like applying concealer with a brush, it does the job.

Large Fluff E50 – I absolutely LOVE this brush. It’s perfect for dusting a colour all over your lid. I love using this with ‘Vex’ by MAC. Then lightly brushing a darker colour, using the same brush, on my crease for some dimension :) You don’t need to rub the brush on the eye shadow to pick up lots of colour, as it does this effortlessly!

Small Tapered Blending E45 – again, this brush has no problem in picking up product. I generally use this to apply colour to the outer V of my eye & then blend it using it as well :) I find sometimes this picks up too much colour, so you’ve got to be WARY! If I find it hard to blend with this happens, I use the E50 to sort it out :)

Short Shader E20 – This is PERFECT for when you want to use an eye shadow as a top/bottom lash liner… & for when you wanna create a smokey effect or smokey eye :) This is my go to brush for those reasons!

Small Eye Liner E10 – At first, I was on the fence with this as I wasn’t too sure if I’d be able to create a perfect, smooth & fine flick on my top lash line as it is a rounded brush. But once you get the HANG of it, you’re fine! I like to flatten on the edges of my ‘Blacktrack’ MAC gel liner to create a good flick. I luckily got this brush the same time as I got a lot of my gel liners… & I’ve gotta say, I don’t think I’d be able to live with out it!

For the price, I think this would be the perfect starter kit for anyone who is looking for good quality, reliable make up brushes. Would I have bought this ‘travel kit’? NO… But to be completely honest, I take this EVERYWHERE with me when I’m away for the weekend etc. I never thought I would!! It’s definitely lacking a FOUNDATION & EYEBROW brush, but that’s just me & my eyebrow ODC of course ;)

I have officially decided that I will be getting more Sigma brushes next month! In general I was SUPER impressed by the quality. I’d rather get these than MAC ones to be honest… I’d be saving a lot of money as well :) Seeing as these have replaced most of my staple brushes, I’m expecting amazing things from their others :)

Have you tried Sigma brushes? What do you think of them? Any recommendations for me?

This product was sent to me.

My weekend lip stick fix!

Hi dolls. How was your weekend? I totally went crazy & bought loads of lip sticks… SIX to be exact! Superdrug had an offer on Sleek’s True Colour lippies so I snapped up some of them, along with 2 Collection 2000 ones.

RRP: £4

Sleek have recently expanded their ‘TRUE COLOUR‘ lip stick range to . I got ‘Candy Cane’, ‘Liqueur’, ‘Pink Freeze’ & ‘Heartbreaker’. They were on offer, 2 for £6… I couldn’t refuse it :) They come in either sheen or as a matte finish. I got 2 of each.

I would have walked straight past ‘Liqueur’ but as soon as I swatched it on my hand I knew it would be a lovely nude colour. It has a gorgeous purpley-gold undertone which would TOTALLY suite Asian skin tones. The first two are sheen and the last 2 are matte.

The sheen lip sticks glide onto your lips really easily AND stay for a fair few hours too. The matte isn’t as matte as my NARS Pure Matte Lipsticks but it’s still a nice finish. I always get pulled to all the pinky colours! I tried to stay away from corals as I got ‘Vegas Volt’ by MAC last week… & to be honest, a girl can’t have too many pink lip sticks ;)

They can stain your lips slightly, but that’s what you get for highly pigmented products! As a whole, I’m SUPER happy with these Sleek lippies! If I ever need a colour (stat!) then I can always rely on them (seeing as I don’t have a MAC in my town) :)

RRP: £2.99

I’ve got one other Collection 2000 ‘Lasting Colour’ lip stick (in Berry Blast – which I absolutely LOVE!) so I thought I’d have a quick look to just see what other colours they have to offer. I picked up 2 shades of pink. I love how they don’t break the bank either :)

‘Pink Shock’ is a lovely Barbie pink, but isn’t too much on your lips (it seems to get toned down due to the colour of my lips). ‘Sweet Tart’ reminds me of a pinkier verson of ‘Vegas Volt’ by MAC – so those of you that are too scared to wear that you can always FEED your lips a bit of ‘Sweet Tart’ ;) I love how moisturising & easily they apply!

‘Sweet Tart’ smells gorgeous too!

Here are some lip swatches of my favourites… I actually like them ALL, but thought I’d swatch these 4 for you dolls.

Seeing as I’ve been wearing bright lips a lot recently, I’m definitely going to make good use of these this Summer! What lip stick are you LOVING at the moment? Or what lip stick do you RUSH to for a bit of colour in your life?


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