Happy Mother’s Day.

“A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ” – Tenneva Jordan

I am dedicating this post to all the wonderful mums out there. I’d like to wish you all an amazing mother’s day. Today is the day to celebrate all the mums who have gone through so much love, care & effort to raise us – this includes my mum. I can’t even begin to think of WHERE to start with the amount of love she has surrounded me with through thick & thin.

I love you, mother bear! 

I hope you all have a lovely day, dolls :) Sorry for the lack of posting, I’m working on getting this camera issue of mine sorted.


  • http://unleeshd.blogspot.com Alisha

    Awwww, Happy Mother Day Kuku’s Mummy x x x

    • Kaushal

      Awwww, happy mother’s day Reets!! :) x

  • roshni

    AWWW this is such a cute post!! You and your mum look so lovely :) hope u have a fab day xxxx

    • Kaushal

      Thanks Roshni! Hope you have a lovely day too xx

  • http://www.trulymadlybeauty.blogspot.com Aysh

    Awwwwww such lovely pics!!! And I love that quote, so sweet and true :) Hope you and your mumma are having a fantabulous day sweetpea!

    Love Aysh xoxo

    • Kaushal

      Thanks Aysh! Right back at you xx

  • Ria

    Wish your mum a Happy Mother’s Day from me! ♥

    • Kaushal

      I will do little one :)

  • http://thedollymixdiaries.blogspot.com Nora

    Aww such a lovely post! You and your mum look so cute together. Happy Mother’s Day!! x

    • Kaushal

      Thank you hun! x

  • http://www.makeupsavvy.co.uk Fee

    Awww wonderful photos – your mum looks so happy in all of them!

    Hope you are having a lovely day with your mum :)

    Fee xx

    • Kaushal

      Thanks Fee :) Hope you’re having a lovely day with the mum too x

  • http://www.getgawjus.com Shifa

    aww both of you look adorable! My mum does that like ALL the time :O Whenever’s there’s less of something, she’ll be like, ‘you know, I’ve never been fond of *insert food name*’ lol and I’ll see her having that when everyone’s done! hehe

    • Kaushal

      LOL, aww that’s mums for us :) xx

  • http://lucky-packet.blogspot.com/ Laiqah

    So sweet!
    I had a bit of panic earlier when I saw all these Mother’s Day tweets, but it turns out it’s Mother’s Day in the UK! Our’s is in May in South Africa!

    Ps… Kaushal you are truly gorgeous! ♥


    • Kaushal

      LOL, darn I should have mentioned that in the post hehe! Aww, thanks hun xx

  • http://goldbeautymua-mevish.blogspot.com/ Mevish

    cute pics hun ;) u look gorj

    • Kaushal

      Thank you Mevish! x

  • Sriya

    This is actually the CUTEST post!!! You and your mummy look beautiful! xx

    • Kaushal

      Aww, thanks Sriya :) x

  • http://www.unetasse.blogspot.com Tass

    So sweet xx

    • Kaushal

      Thanks doll x

  • http://rosebeautybox.blogspot.com/ Sundari

    !!! you’re sooo beautiful!! can see where you get your gorgeous looks from now ;) xxxx

    • Kaushal

      Ah, that I’m not but my mummy sure is :) xx

  • http://www.tanvii.com Tanvi

    That is a really cute post!!!

    You are so pretty!!! :)

    • Kaushal

      Aw, thanks hun! x