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Avoir la pêche.

Hi dolls, I feel like I haven’t blogged properly in too long! I must keep it up. I do miss blogging every other day… It doesn’t help that I’m having major problems with my camera. But never-the-less, I have my good ol’ iPhone to save the day for the time being!

I’m a little on the fence with Sleek products at the moment. I have one of their original palettes… The colour pay off is AMAZING but the amount of fall-out I get makes me not want to take it out. But the ‘Avoir La Pêche’ (also known as the ‘Paraguaya i-Divine’) palette sucked me right in, regardless.

RRP: £6.49
Available HERE

I am LOVING corals & bright colours in general, it seems to always get me in a good mood! I don’t own many orange/corals so talked myself into getting this… Okay, I lie. I didn’t have to talk myself into anything :)

The colour pigmentation of ‘Parfait’ & ‘Bellini’ isn’t that great, but the others is amazing! Because I don’t own many colours like these, they are PERFECT for my eye shadow collection :)

This has to be my favourite half of the palette. I love wearing ‘Tangelo’ on my upper lash line as a WINGED LINER :) Also, ‘Peach Gold’ is a gorgeous colour I’ve been sweeping across my entire lid with lots of mascara on my lashes. Another really unusual but stunning colour is ‘Bittersweet’, it’s got purple undertones to it which would look really good as a smoked out liner or to use in the outer V of your eyes :)

This may just be my go to palette this spring season! I’m very glad I didn’t get Sleek’s ‘Good Girl’ palette as I don’t think pinky colours suit me as an eye shadow, but this is totally my thing! For £6.49 you get 12 eye shadows (aprox. 55p each… BARGAIN much?), I say it’s well worth your money!

I’d love to know what your favourite Sleek products are? Am I missing out on anything in particular?

Morange me up.

Hi my lovelies. Wow, it really does feel too long since I last blogged. I want to try and keep a nice colourful theme going with my posts as Spring & Summer is truly on its way. YIPEE! Now, we all know that this season it’s all about the bright colours on your nails, eyes & lips – orange lips being one of them!

I recently purchased this lip stick from a blog sale to keep up with the trend. I wasn’t too sure how it would look & go with my complexion but REALLY wanted to give it a go!

Morange is an amplified lip stick from MAC. I love the different shades which are available with this brand. I knew this colour would be really BRIGHT & in-your-face as it’s amplified.

It’s a very INTENSE orange, with red undertones. I like that it’s got red undertones as I find it’s easier to wear & pull off. Also, it’s very creamy & applies very well.

As you can tell from this picture, it’s SUPER bright! I find it hard to leave the house in broad daylight with this alone on my lips. I’m all up for brights – but not colours that are a little too OTT. But would love to wear this on a night out :)

In flash you can see the GORGEOUS consistency of the lipstick – makes me want to get more ‘amplified’ MAC colours in my collection! Still, very bright! What I like to do is mix a PINK/BROWN to tone it down but keeping the pop of colour during the day.

What are your thoughts on ORANGE LIPS this season? Also, what are your FAVOURITE amplified MAC lip stick colours? I’d love to know, so I know which one to get next :)

Benefit’s B Right Skincare Range.

Hi dolls! Last week, at the Benefit event I attended, we all got a little sneak peak into their skincare range ‘B Right’… & of course I took swatches/pictures for you all to enjoy & possibly even add to your lists of things to buy! What’s so SPECIAL about this range, you ask?

The range will consist of:

  • Foamingly Clean Facial Wash
  • Total Moisture Facial Cream
  • Refined Clean Facial Wash
  • Triple-Performing Facial Emulsion
  • It’s Potent! Eye Cream
  • Moisture Prep Toning Lotion
  • Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist
  • Boo Boo Zap
  • Remove It Make-up Remover

Personally, I love the packaging. As soon as I saw it, I immediately thought ‘how adorable!’. It reminds me of something fresh, clean & pure – ideally, something I’m sure we’d all LOVE our skin to be like ;) We were told the look of the packaging was linked with the Californian beach, bottle washed ashore, kinda feel!

So, let’s get right into our little sneak peak into this range!

We tested out the following products below on our hands. It’s totally not the full effect. I would have to try these out for a good few weeks to actually be able to recommend anything. So I WOULDN’T recommend anything from this range, as of yet!

Every product was very rich & fairly thick. It makes me think that they’re all jam packed with goodies for my face! One thing I have to say I love about this range is the SMELL. It doesn’t smell medicinal or sickening but it smells lovely! It’s not sickening/overpowering or anything, don’t worry, it’s very nice! If I had to choose just one product to buy, I’d have to go with the REFINED FINISH FACIAL POLISH. This is because I don’t tend to exfoliate my face much & it left my hand feeling soft & smelling lovely! The texture wasn’t too rough & nor was it too weak for my skin. Surprisingly, my skin didn’t feel oily after using all these products (but it’s too soon to tell, in terms of the long run).

As you can see from this picture, using these products did give my skin a BOOST of radiance. In terms of brightening the skin, I think it would need to be used for much longer than one evening :)

Last but not least we had a feel of the eye cream. Again, very thick & rich in texture which would moisturise the skin around your eyes well!

I can’t really think of anything that I didn’t like about the products. However, saying that, I think some may find this range PRICEY for the amount your getting. But, I suppose that’s Benefit for you!

B Right Skincare will be available at Debenhams, Benefit Boutiques & on the 1st of April 2011 :) Will you be getting your hands on anything or giving it a miss?

Finding Mr. Bright & Bella Bamba!

Hello my lovely ladies! How are we all? I hope you’re all having a good week – the weather is truly amazing today (summer is totally coming our way!). On Thursday I was invited to a Benefit event in the launch of their new product ‘FINDING MR. BRIGHT‘ along with a sneak peak into their skincare range. I’ll show you all the skincare range in a separate post as it could get a very lengthy to add into this one & have way to many pictures for anyone’s liking!

We got there & I decided to play around with their lipsticks as I’ve heard so many great things about them. I was so SURPRISED to how soft & balm like their lipsticks felt! I’m addicted to summery, bright colours recently so had to swatch a couple of corals!

I love this combo – I would have put it on my lips but I already had a Costa Chic on already & we were soon whisked away downstairs to their preview of their first ever interactive YouTube video along with a SNEAK PEAK into their skin care range. We saw a quick demo of how & where to apply the products inside Finding Mr. Bright along with meeting various members of the Benefit marketing team. The marketing manager was HILARIOUS!

They had the cutest Benefit cupcakes for everyone to eat once we all headed back upstairs. Not only did they look good but they tasted SCRUMPTIOUS! I had 2 :)

We were all sent away with a cute little suitcase-looking goodie bag with Finding Mr. Bright & some samples of their perfumes.

RRP: £28.50 available HERE.

I personally have quite a few Benefit products but not any of their cult ones – which this includes so I was really EXCITED to try them out :) Here are Benefit’s 5 tips to finding Mr. Bright…

All 4 MINI products are inside a lovely & bright box. Here we’ve got Girl Meets Pearl, Posie Tint, High Beam & Erase Paste. Here we go with the swatches dolls!

The ‘Posie Tint’ can stain – so be aware & be sure to blend quickly!! I’m not much of a highlighter girl but I do prefer ‘Girl Meets Pearl’ due to it’s subtleness. I was very impressed with Erase paste. I got it put in me during the event & it instantly brightened the skin underneath my eyes!! Most of my concealers just cover up but I find that this somewhat ILLUMINATES the skin – without it looking shiny/shimmery (if that makes sense?)! Overall, I think Finding Mr. Bright is a perfect kit for those who are always on the go or like a little touch up during the day. It’s the PERFECT combination of products to give you a brighter complexion :) But I wouldn’t recommend it for those who use these products religiously – as I don’t think it would last you very long!

I caved in & got myself their most recent addition of blusher, BELLA BAMBA! I had seen it many times & have had my eye on it for a while now. After getting it applied to my cheeks I knew I had to have it!

It’s one of the most STUNNING golden-pink blushers I have seen in a while! It’s got 3 dimensions of pink to brighten, sculpt & define your face. It’s described as a 3D PINK. With it’s gold flakes inside – it does most of the contouring for you! Since I’m going on holiday this year, I thought it would be the perfect blush to take with me :) It also smells like watermelon & sherbet - YUMMY!

You can see the little gold flakes in the blush! It looks much pinker on your cheeks. I’ve actually been wearing it every day since… Yes even today, sitting at home with nothing to do LOL!

In flash you can see the effect of it even more! I was stuck between Bella Bamba & Hoola. But, Hoola is definitely next on my list of things to get :) Lisa, who is the head MUA at Benefit, said she wears it EVERYWHERE. This includes it as an eye shadow & even on her lips!!

Bella Bamba & Costa Chic on my lips… & Bella Bamba on my cheeks!

Yep you guessed it! I had it tried out on my lips. LOVE it! It totally gave a golden coral look to my already Costa Chic lips! I wouldn’t wear this on a daily basis but definitely if I’m going out somewhere :) All in all the event was lovely! I’d like to thank the entire Benefit team for such a wonderful event. Even the MD popped down – it seemed like the whole team was there, like a big family! Again, it was lovely to meet all the bloggers there too…

(L-R) Me & WANDE.


Look out for my post on their skincare range! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’ve had such a hectic week & just cannot wait for Wednesday, as the boy is back from his holiday :D

P.S – Check out Benefit’s interactive video & upload your own ending for your chance to WIN a year’s supply of Benefit cosmetics & a chance to appear in their next video!!

THE Smokey Eye.

In case you missed my guest post on MICHELLE‘s blog… I thought I’d post it on here also for you beauties. I had been meaning to do this post for a while & then got a request to do a tutorial also… So here we go! Here’s my DRAMATIC smokey eye picture tutorial!

You can also add some false lashes if you want :) This is a great looks for a night out. Probably a little OTT during the day but I suppose if Kim Kardashian does it, we can join in too to feel all glam & dolled up. I love to pair this with a nude or pink lip. Here’s a quick FOTD as well for you so you get a full picture of it…

Teint Miracle Foundation by Lancome.
Garnier caffeine eye roll on as a concealer.
ELF HD Powder.

Sleek Face Contour Kit.

ELF Eyebrow kit.
Urban Decay Primer Potion.
Midnight Hour eyeshadow trio (black & grey colours) by myface.cosmetics.
Blacktrack gel liner by MAC on my waterlines & upper & lower lash lines.
SuperSHOCK mascara by AVON.

Viva Glam Gaga by MAC.

You don’t have to use exactly all the products as I did, using anything similar will give you a lovely, intense smokey eye. If you have any suggestions for EOTD, FOTD, HOTD or anything be sure to leave me a comment :)

NOTD: Fancy Fuchsia?

Hi my lovelies! I’ve been home sick with a migraine today (bad times!) I don’t seem to get them often but when I do they are the worst! Any who, I’m feeling much better & have just painted my nails. I’ve been meaning to share this IMMENSE colour with you lovelies for a while now & quite frankly couldn’t wait any longer…

This is what I call the DEFINITION of BARBIE PINK!

Say hello to… ‘Fancy Fuchsia’ by Orly. I got this a while back when I went for an Orly course. It’s from their ‘Precious’ collection (which has many gorgeous colours, I also own another one which I will swatch for you dolls soon!)

It’s a very creamy yet an IN-YOUR-FACE kind of pink, which I love! Definitely one for the sunny months! These pictures (in my terrible lighting) just doesn’t do it justice what-so-ever.

However, in flash you can see just how bright this colour is. I’ve actually been wearing this a lot recently. I did try wearing a darker colour on my nails as the weather has made me feel a little gloomy but this is back on!

I just can’t get enough of it! Orly has definitely impressed me in terms of colour & quality. It does last a fair few days without chipping. I like to wear it with their ‘Polished 3 in 1 Top Coat’ to give it that extra shine as it does appear to have a slightly matte finish – but any top coat will do. You can now get Orly mini’s for £5 from Boots & which is FABULOUS!! Or for your nearest retailer click HERE.

What is on your nails at the moment? Any pink ladies out there like me?

P.S – Orly have an AMAZING competition running at the moment. Click HERE for more details dolls! :)

Benefit’s R.S.V.P. & Gilded.

Hey dolls. I thought I’d do a quick review of the two products I got when attending the Benefit event last week. I received a sample size creaseless cream shadow/liner in R.S.V.P. & Gilded which is a tangerine gold highlighter. I have never tried these products before, nor swatched them at the Benefit stand so was very INTERESTED in how these would play up!

Because of the size, the product is ANNOYING to get out – but totally worth it. These really remind me of the MAC paint pots. Whenever I wear them & this I have to be really careful with the amount I put on because if I don’t then I still seem to get creasing. It seems to happen if you put too much on. Does this happen to anyone else? And this totally smells like marshmallows!

I’ve never thought of having a highlighter in a pencil. I usually just go with a powder or liquid based highlighter. Clearly, this can make it TRICKY to used when you compare it to others, but the colour is actually quite nice. I have a few Benefit pencil products which include BadGal, Eye Bright & It Stick.

The colour pigmentation, along with all Benefit products I find, is ON POINT. R.S.V.P is a gorgeous everyday colour with a hint of shimmer. It reminds me of Urban Decay’s Sin eye shadow. Gilded is a two toned orange-bronze highlighter…

… As you can see in this picture, at a different angle Gilded looks very bronze. I find this difficult to work with because it makes me feel like I’m blending it too much into my foundation, if that makes sense? But I quite like using it in the INNER V of my eye & as an eye LINER! It gives your eyes a lovely shimmer & great for a hint of sparkle :) I suppose you could use this as an eye shadow but I’d wear it with a primer as it tends to crease!

Here’s what they look like in flash. I think I can fairly say that I’m in love with R.S.V.P!! I’ve been wearing it almost every day! Can you just imagine if you layered it with a similar eye shadow. It would be so immense :) I would totally take it on holiday. I have a thing for wearing just ONE eye shadow all over my lid when I’m on vacation – is that just me?

Does anyone else use products where they’re NOT made for? I’d love to get some tips & try them out :)