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Yves Saint Laurent c’est incroyable!

Hi my lovelies. How are you all? Are you having a good start to the new year? I promised myself that I would put a stop to spending so much money on make-up & clothes in 2011. I’ve been doing okay – really, I am! I’ve stopped myself MANY times from impulse buying. However, I was talking to Summer aka Little Miss NC25 about YSL lipsticks! I personally hadn’t tried them but she advised me to try out ‘Sweet Honey’ … So you know what I did…

Okay, OKAY! I got three :oops: not just the one! LOL. I got two Rouge Volupté lipsticks & one Gloss Pur.

Gloss Pur £9.95
Rouge Volupté £15.90

In reality the Gloss Pur gloss retails at £20.50 & the Rouge Volupté lip stick retails at £21.50. I got them both from (hence the disgustingly CHEAP price of them both!).  Their delivery was free which is great but they arrived quite late which I wasn’t too pleased about. They took around a week if not slightly over a week to get delivered. If you’re not in a hurry to get your products then I’d definitely reccomend the website – it’s full of BARGAINS!

I absolutely LOVE the packaging of the lipsticks. They’re so luxurious & feel very rich! They all show their colour on the middle band which is great. It saves you having to open it up or read the colour name/number underneath.

One thing I think all lipsticks should have is a MIRROR on the lid, like YSL’s Rouge Volupté lip sticks! It’s little things like that which make applying lip products on effortless. All three of three of the products smell & taste really yummy :)

I couldn’t resist getting a pink colour :) Sweet honey was the colour that Summer suggested I should get & I do love it! I totally don’t regret getting any of these three colours. They’re all GORGEOUS!

This is what they look like with a FLASH. As you can tell the lip sticks are very pigmented & the reason why they’re shiny is due to their moisturising properties.

I absolutely HATE sticky glosses. That includes a lot of MAC ones! However, this one is so smooth & feels more like a moisturising lip balm than anything else. The colour isn’t very pigmented but would look great on top of Costa Chic by MAC.

I’ve been wearing this to interviews as it’s a very CLASSY & professional colour. This would be my go-to lip product for work or professional settings, that’s for sure.

Opera Rose on the other hand is a lovely VIBRANT pink colour! It’s so pigmented & moisturising – I absolutely love it. It feels really light & lasts for a fair few hours before you have to top it up. This can only mean that it’ll last you for a while :)

I’m totally gonna be keeping an eye out for more YSL products now that I’ve found these GEMS :) Do you have any YSL that you’d recommend? I really want to try YSL’s Touche Eclat Radiant concealer… Would you say it’s worth it?

P.S – Check out Summer’s BLOGYOUTUBE channel :) I love her videos!


Hi my lovelies! SO sorry about the lack of blogging, I’ve been swamped with things to do recently! So, it’s that time of the week again with my favourite things. So here we go…

I have OCD. Things I do have to be perfect/moved/changed accordingly.

I love curly hair, especially when it looks a little messy.

Snuggling with your loved one is the best :)

Listen to your heart – it’s never wrong.

I am a proud Gleek! I love the show & have watched every episode at least twice!

Clutch bags are amazing. The bigger the better!

I can only wear sweet smelling perfumes. They’re yummy!

I love diamonds ;) I have one super special one & he’s amazing – the best around!

Cinemas are amazing – watching a movie there gives you such an intense feeling!

I love people with good intentions – genuine people are hard to find these days.
Source: All images from weheartit

Until next time my gems :) I can’t believe next week is the last instalment of my 100 things! However, I can’t wait to TAG a few bloggers!

Diet Coke & FREE Nails Inc!

Hi my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a good week. I popped into Boots during the week to grab myself some diet Coke & free Nails Inc. polishes! I’m sure you’ve heard of this offer before but if you haven’t… for a limited period, for every TWO bottles of Diet Coke you buy, you get one FREE Nails Inc. polish! I got a mixture of Diet Coke & Diet Cherry Coke!

Yep, I went crazy & got ALL FOUR colours :) You get a 10ml sized bottle which is excellent for the price you’re paying!

To be honest, I was only going to get 1 bottle but I have never owned a bottle of Nails Inc. & know they’re fairly expensive to buy. So, got them ALL seeing as I had the chance to do so!

In terms of the polish itself, they are fairly OPAQUE & you can totally get away with wearing just one coat. You definitely don’t need more than 2 coats that’s for sure, which is GREAT :) They also don’t take long to DRY either. However, I found that it can become a little CLUMPY & thick with time & the more you use it. But I suppose for £1.80 each you can’t really complain ;)

I thought I’d swatch them for you in case you’re looking to get any of these :)

This is such a nice nude colour – you totally don’t need to put layers & layers of it on which is IMPRESSIVE for a nude shade!

This colour has pictured quite bright here but it’s NOT this vibrant in real life. It’s very similar to ‘Purple Ash’ from Models Own’s car keys collection. But loving the way this photographs in flash!

I’m a SUCKER for red polishes. Luckily, my Barry M ‘Raspberry’ has ran out & this has totally replaced it :)

I don’t own a single colour like this & is definitely my FAVOURITE in the collection! I have been living in jeans for the past week (I usually live in jeggings/legging) & these went perfectly well with all my outfits!

Has anyone else managed to get their hands on these bargains? What’s your favourite colour? :)


It’s that time of the week again everyone! So, let’s get straight down to BUSINESS

I love big rings, as you can tell from my DIY Ring Holder post ;)

Nothing can beat a good ol’ smokey eye!

I love smiling. It’s definitely the best accessory.

Going shopping & retail therapy is one of my favourite past times.

Praying & thanking good for all the good things & amazing people in my life.

I absolutely love to cook & also learning how to cook different things :)

I love the dream & then to also follow them too.

Pretty dresses, amazing! I love going shopping for dresses & trying them on (even though I’m not gonna get it LOL)

I love London – one of these days I want to do the Monopoly run for fun :)

Ha, probably makes me sound geeky but I don’t care I absolutely love jigsaw puzzles :
Source: All images from weheartit

Until next time my gems :)

FOTD: Bollywood Emerald.

Hi my gems. How are you all doing – ready for the weekend? Hope you’ve all had a fabulous week! I’m back with an FOTD, as I promised more of them this year. I was going to do a S/S 2011 FOTD but I was requested to do a BOLLYWOOD look using gold & emerald. So, whilst yapping away on the phone to my friend I came up with this…

I was totally gonna add more BINDIS but didn’t want to over do it! Those EARRINGS are from India – I have loads! I might do a post to show you them if you like? Let me know! So, here’s what I used…

MAC Face & Body.
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation.
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder Natural.

Face Contour Kit by Sleek Makeup.
Candid Coral blush by ELF.

UDPP Primer.
Golden Lemon MAC pigment in the inner corner.
Juxt by MAC & the middle colour in the Crocodile Rock soulful trios by myface.cosmetics on the lid.
The last colour in the Crocodile Rock soulful trios by myface.cosmetics, Green Smoke & Carbon by MAC on the crease.
Green Smoke by MAC on lower lash line.
Shroom by MAC as a highlight.

Great Lash by Maybelline.

Black NYX on lower & upper waterline.
Black Exaggerate Liquid Liner by Rimmel.

Mocha lip stick by MAC.
Sweet Honey lip stick by YSL.
Hush Lip Tar by OCC.

I hope you like it my lovelies! If you have any FOTD suggestions do let me know :) I hope you all have an EXCELLENT weekend, dolls!

Golden Globes 2011

Hi dolls! How are we all? I hope you’re well. I thought I’d do a quick post on my TOP 5 outfits for the Golden Globes over the weekend & the WORST!

My top 5 are…

1. Mila Kunis
Dress by Vera Wang.

2. Lea Michele
Dress by Oscar de la Renta.

3. Carrie Underwood
Dress by Badgley Mischka Couture

4. Anne Hathaway
Dress by Armani Privé

5. Sandra Bullock
Dress by Jenny Packham

I pretty much liked the neutral toned dresses for some reason but also the pop of colour. Mila Kunis’ dress is amazing! All five dresses are very ELEGANT (& I would wear them any day! LOL)… The on shoulder dresses were all fab this year :) Sandra’s dress reminded me of a sari!

Okay, so now onto the WORST for me this year…

Tilda Swinton
Dress by Jil Sander
Source: All Images from TMZ

Okay, this is just wrong!? What was her stylist thinking?! It seriously looks like she’s wearing a potato sack – NOT a good look that’s for sure!

So dolls, I’m going to do a FOTD very soon… If you have any suggestions leave them in the comment box :)


Hi my lovely gems! It’s time of the week again… So, let’s get to IT

I love watching fireworks with my loved ones :)

My dad used to make the most amazing jacket potato with lots of filling in it & I still make it to this day – I love the stuff!

90210 is such a good show… Their lifestyle is fab too!

Sleeping is amazing – I love the feeling of getting in my bed for a good nights sleep.

No one should ever stop reading – it broadens the mind (even if it is about fashion LOL) :)

If you know me, 99% of the time I always have my camera in my bag. I love to capture moments & different memories in my life :)

I will like to see the best in people. Until they cross the line, then they get crossed out in my books! :)

I have this weird obsession & cravings to eat cereal at night. Cinnamon cereal has to be my favourite :)

Nothing can touch or beat an ‘Original Glazed’ Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Although I’d choose savoury food over anything else, I do have a sweet tooth… Especially for sweets & chocolates :oops:
Source: All images from weheartit

Until next time my lovelies!

P.S – I’ve reached 500 FOLLOWERS! I cannot thank you gems enough!! It truly is a milestone & cannot believe I’ve got such amazing followers, friends & family that keep me blogging all the time :) I just want to say that you all ROCK :D Thank you so, SO much again! 

Project Dressing Area: Mirror, mirror on my wall…

Hi my lovely ladies! I thought I’d update you on Project Dressing Area as it’s been too long! I managed to pick up a LOVELY antique/vintage looking mirror from none other than Home Sense again! For those of you that don’t know, Home Sense is a part of TK Maxx but it’s a whole store dedicated to, yep you guessed it, your home. From kitchens to bathrooms! It’s become one of my favourite shops. The mirror looks a little something like this…

This was literally the day I got it. Sorry for the awful picture quality as it was taken on my phone. It’s pretty heavy but I managed to move this into my room all by myself :D This gorgeous mirror cost me £60! It was originally about £150 odd so, to me, that’s a BIG FAT BARGAIN – I had to get it… & plus, it goes perfectly with my dressing table :)

A few weeks ago my uncle hung it up on my wall for me :) All together it looks a little something like this…

Here’s a little close up for you dolls!

It’s not completely gold like, or as gold as my dresser, but it gives such a nice old antique look to it :) The down side to Home Sense/TK Maxx is that many items like these are one offs. But I HIGHLY recommend you guys to check it out… You might find yourself a great buy! Speaking of Home Sense, today a poor lady fainted in the store! It was so SCARY – but she was al right in the end :)

The lighting is VERY poor in my room so need to sort that out ASAP! Where’s the best place to get a nice, bright, some-what compact stand-up light?

P.S – Do check out Helen & Sheenie’s blog JUST NICE THINGS – My 20 questions post is up today :D